7.62×39 Galil Ace Pistol Build | Overview & Specs

  • December 29, 2020
  • By Jared Daub

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Ok, old timer. Sit down, relax and let’s dive into a somewhat unconventional take on this Galil Build. Sometimes excellence is a creation and “good enough” isn’t, well…good enough at all.

Before diving any deeper, let’s get some disclosures out of the way. This build was made possible by the help of quite a few companies. They sent products to be featured on this build. I feel that it is important to disclose that anytime a company decides to help out on a build. The companies that helped out with some of the components are KNS Precision, RS Regulate, Vortex, IWI, and RepRifle. Let’s dive into this build.

Above is a photo of our 5.45×39 Galil Ace in a factory configuration. Above is the 7.62×39. This is a solid picture comparing a stock Galil to a tastefully modified one. What you will notice is obvious refinements to the 7.62×39 Galil Ace above. There are also some internal modifications that will not be immediately seen. So the question becomes: why did I modify the Galil? Wasn’t it good out of the box? Does everyone need to modify their Galil to make it legit? The answer is simple: Out of the box the Galil Ace platform is amazing for most people. It is an AK variant available in 7.62×39, 5.56 NATO, 7.62×51, and if you were lucky enough: 5.45×39. It features many of the same traits as the AK platform, has a reciprocating left side charging handle (epic for right handed folks), uses AK variant magazines (7.62×39 and 5.45×39) and standard AR mags in the 5.56 NATO variant, SR25 mags for the 7.62×51 variant. In stock configuration they feature a non-adjustable SB tactical pistol stabilizing brace (for the shorter barrel version) or a stock for the 16″ versions. The Galil features a folding function, although in factory configuration it is very difficult to fold the stock or brace up. The SB tactical brace that is chosen also makes shooting difficult when folded because the brace partially covers the trigger guard. The 7.62×39 and 5.45×39 do not have last round hold open, the 5.56 NATO does have this feature. In factory configuration they feature a plastic handguard and under that is a steel heat shield. If you slide the covers off you have Picatinny rails at the 3, 6, and 9 O clock locations. The dust cover locks in tight and allows the mounting of any modern optic directly to the top. The factory iron sights are high quality and extremely durable and feature tritium inserts front and rear. The safety is technically ambidextrous, however it definitely works best for right handed folks in my opinion. There is a safety lever on the left side that can be used with your thumb, or a safety on the right side that can be activated with your right pointer finger. The Galil is made on a milled receiver and out of the box is an extremely high quality and durable firearm. I have virtually no real complaints of the platform. So why change it? I’m glad you asked.



Ultimately my process for learning a gun rarely starts with modifications. If it is a new-to-me platform, much like the Galil, I spend a solid couple months running it in stock configuration. I spend time learning the platform and figuring out exactly what I want from a firearm. I did exactly that with the Galil Ace and along the way found a few areas that I though could be refined further.

The handful of things I wanted to change were as follows:

  • Length of Pull
  • Easier folding mechanism
  • More sturdy/secure pistol brace
  • Adjustable Gas Piston (I shoot suppressed a lot and wanted to dial it in)
  • More modern rail assembly
  • Camo cerakote to blend into the terrain better.
  • Easier 2 point sling mounting

None of these points were major points of contention for me. I actually truly enjoy the Galil out of the box. I simply wanted to further refine an already amazing platform.

When I refer to length of pull, I am referring to the factory SB tactical brace. It is simply slid onto a buffer tube sort of thing and it tends to want to move around a lot. You can adjust it out, but recoil ultimately collapses it down again. I’m a taller guy with long arms so I prefer a longer length of pull. The solution I found was from KNS precision. I snagged one of their folding adapters which enables the Galil to accept AR15 buffer tubes. This allows the end user to run any pistol brace or stock that would normally work with the AR15 buffer tube. I opted for the SBA3 pistol brace from SB tactical. Its a compact brace and works well. Since the Galil is an AK variant, there is no spring or buffer in the buffer tube. Unless you want to put one in there. I mean, I won’t judge you. Ok, I will 100% judge you. Don’t do that, its not needed.

While I was checking out KNS and speaking to the folks there, I also requested an adjustable piston for this Galil. I ran the Galil for a few months suppressed with good results. I did experience malfunctions every couple mags, but that is simply because it was WAY overgassed suppressed in factory form. The KNS piston solves this entire problem. I was able to find a happy medium where it lightly kicks brass…er I mean steel…. cases out without the can, and runs just a wee bit gassy suppressed. I was easily and quickly able to find a setting that allows me to focus more on shooting, less on dialing in the gun.


The other benefit of being able to dial in the gun is less wear and tear, less perceived recoil, smoother and more reliable cycling and an overall more refined feel of the weapon. I cannot recommend the KNS adjustable piston kit enough. I am running the typical Silencerco ASR flash hider. I pretty much always add one of these to each build so I can easily and quickly throw my can on anything that I am running that day. This pistol is still loud suppressed, but it definitely takes the edge off.

I knew that the factory rail left a lot to be desired. I ultimately ended up being put in touch with RS Regulate through my friends at IWI, US. RS Regulate contributed the MLOK rail for this build. This solved a few of my major goals right away. It added a more streamlined rail to the pistol and allows easier attachment of accessories. It just feels better when I shoot it with this rail. I don’t currently have attachments other than a picatinny section for tripod or bipod shooting/zeroing in, but I do plan to add a flashlight of some sort. The rail also features a QD socket for sling attachment. That checks that off my list as well. The other end of the sling mounts to the SBA3 brace.

I also wanted to switch the gun up a bit and move away from the entire thing being black. My friends over at Republic Rifle helped me out there and did a sweet camo pattern on this build. Anything to break up a black gun will help when out in the woods and wilderness. I do not currently hunt with this pistol, but I would definitely consider it a viable option if need be. The colors match fall foliage and ground cover well and break up the profile of the pistol well.

On top of the dust cover I am running a vortex crossfire red dot. I have quite a few of these red dots now at this point. Probably close to 8 of them. I have never had a failure, even on my 45-70. Naturally I used the lower mount on the Crossfire red dot due to the nature of AK variants. The vortex crossfire red dot allows quick target acquisition. All of the other components added to this build also help make this a more streamlined and effective platform.

The last detail you may see is the sentry strap from The Neomag. This strap features a magnet that holds my sling against the Galil. One tug and I can have full access to my sling. I’ll put a link down below. I decided to leave the trigger and grip alone. KNS precision does make a sweet delete kid for the plastic grip and trigger guard. Maybe I’ll eventually add that to another Galil down the road. The factory trigger is actually surprisingly good so I was not concerned about changing that out.


The Galil Ace was already an epic platform. The 7.62×39 is a powerful and reliable (and plentiful…usually) cartridge. Although I still prefer an AR15 platform if I had to choose between the two, this is an amazing build and it runs as good as it looks. Overall I am very happy with the progress on this build. I’m hoping to have a flashlight of some sort on this thing by the end of the month. Depending on the feedback I receive, I may dive into this build again. That depends on YOU!

Here are some links to the components being used in this build. They will take to directly to the product pages. (If for some reason a page isn’t there or the link doesn’t work, please notify us. Each company will change pages and if we don’t know that it happened, we won’t know to update our links)

Hopefully this write-up helps you. Definitely don’t be scared to try out new platforms. No matter what you are shooting, take the time to learn the platform. The Galil is a phenomenal platform if you are into AK variants. It definitely is not for everyone, but it is a solid platform nonetheless.

Take a minute to check out the Full Youtube video by clicking below:

If you want to see how the 7.62×39 compares to the 5.45×39, check out this video we just released on the TA Targets YouTube:


Thank you for reading and checking out our videos! We will see you in the next one.


Jared Daub

VP of Design/Marketing