A-DAP 2.0 | The Ultimate AR550 Steel Target System

  • January 14, 2020
  • By tatargets

You might have seen our NEW V2.0 brackets for the A-DAP system. You also might be thinking to yourself: “So what’s the actual deal and why does it matter?” Let’s talk about it.

From the very beginning we wanted to have a bedrock steel target system that excelled in every area and took whatever people threw at it. We knew the industry was full of steel targets and we knew that they did not provide real value to the people purchasing and training with them. Targets are a real investment. They aren’t novelty items. They are serious training aids and you get what you pay for.


Ultimately we began a noble quest to create a steel target that would be adaptable, flexible, audible, durable, and portable. We wanted a system that as soon as you heard its name, you knew it was adaptable. We set out to then build a brand around it that showed people what happens when a company actually cares about what they are creating. The A-DAP system was born in 2015 and has since been put through millions of rounds of ammunition and is in the hands of thousands upon thousands of people in this nation…and even the world. Yeah, as a business owner, that is an insane feeling. Thousands of you have put your hands on this system, trusted it to perform, used it to become better defenders and protectors, the chosen ones who will stand in the face of violence and do your duty and protect those who cannot protect themselves. You have seen the value of this system.

Earlier this year we began discussing how we could take the A-DAP system to the next level. Our team put our heads together and decided that the way to make our A-DAP steel target system even better, is to make it even more adaptable. It is already the best steel on the market, already has movement when bullets hit the plate, already can be expanded into different systems and accessories. So what was next? The angles. We knew there was yet another way we could offer further value, and it all comes down to the mounting method.

When a steel target has forward lean, it helps reduce wear and tear on the plate and helps send fragmentation down to the ground. The steeper the lean, the better this becomes, the closer you can shoot (with quality steel), the longer your target plate lasts and so on. We knew that adding a steeper lean would make a nearly indestructible steel target system that much stronger. So we did just that: We created angles that have multiple hole locations so the end user can decide what degree of lean they would like.

The result is a highly precise, laser cut and CNC formed set of angles that is unlike anything else ever offered in the industry. It is truly a class of its own. We now have these angles included in EVERY A-DAP system we ship, and it comes at no extra cost. It’s simply included. No extra options, no buttons, no action on your part. You are automatically getting the most badass target system in existence. For those of you who already have Gen 1 A-DAP systems, don’t fret. We have conversion kits that will get your A-DAP target system freshened up and ready to rock and roll with the new angles. You can find them HERE.

To achieve the steeper lean we lengthened the angles. The lower the hole, the steeper the lean. The problem with this is it results in the plate getting very close to the 2×4 or armored post upright. To solve this, we created a V2.0 A-DAP top bracket that is now 2″ longer. We also slightly modified the bases in Q4 of 2019 to create an even more stable platform and updated our Arachnid base. With all that being said, anyone can order this new V2.0 conversion kit and adapt ANY of their A-DAP systems to work with their current base and target plate. The conversion kit comes with all necessary hardware to freshen up your system as well.

We have a full breakdown and graphics on each product page specifically listing the new degree of lean that each target plate offers. Definitely check that out. The Mini A-DAP and MOD A Zone have (3) hole locations for adjustment. The C Zone, D Zone, and Goliath target system have 7 holes for adjustment. The C Zone can offer up to 45 degrees of lean. Oh, one more thing: The epic ring you are used to is unaffected. The angles do not touch the back of the plate AT ALL, which means that loud, crisp ring you are used to is still there.

This truly takes our A-DAP products to the next level and we are excited to continue innovating this system into the future. We would have never guessed the impact this system would have on the industry, but we are honored to be a part of this movement and were humbled by your support.

If you have any questions at all about the new brackets or 2.0 versions of the A-DAP AR550 steel target system, simply email us.