Auto Resetting Popper Target (Gen 2)

  • April 22, 2023
  • By Jared Daub
The VTAR Popper target is an iconic system that we originally released around the 2017 year. It has now undergone a radical change. This is over 6 months in the making, and it is FINALLY here. Welcome to the Gen II VTAR Popper Target.


Auto Resetting Popper Target: We call it the VTAR. And it is NOW in the second generation of this iconic system.

Behind closed doors we have been working through the revisions of the new Popper Target. We call this system the VTAR Popper. This is a Variable Tension Auto Resetting Popper target. In other words: Users can fine tune the system to work for their needs. Or remove the spring assembly entirely and the system operates just like a knock down popper target.

                              Reduced C Zone Auto Reset Popper C Zone Auto Reset Popper Gopher Auto Resetting Popper

It’s clear to see from a first glance that this system is very different than anything else on the market.

We designed this popper from the ground up to totally redefine what a quality system from our brand looks like. Each component is meticulously produced to exacting standards. From the incredibly high strength 3/8″ AR550 strike plate, to the Fiber Laser cut legs and base, to the CNC controlled bends we spared nothing to make the best system possible in this format.

Auto Reset Poppers
Reduced C Zone and C Zone VTAR Poppers
The VTAR is available in several plate sizes.

Currently customers can choose one of three plate sizes for their VTAR systems: A C Zone, Reduced C Zone, and a Gopher plate. We moved away from competition size and spec plates (like the USPSA and USPSA classic shapes). Our customer base is regular people just training to become better. We also saw inherent flaws in the shapes of the USPSA poppers. They were limited in performance, did not nest well on raw sheets, and had a poor audible feedback. We fixed that with the C Zone and Reduced C Zone shapes.

All available plates are 3/8″ AR550.

The Base is where most of the magic happens.

                                        VTAR Gen 2 Base

The legs and Base center are bolted together with four Grade 8 carriage bolts, washers, and locking nuts. The legs and base center are 3/16″ Steel that has been laser cut and CNC formed to extremely tight tolerances. This means your first VTAR and your third will be identical. Consistency in production matters. The Base center features cutouts that make it look like a razor back. These notches are used for the spring retention pin to adjust tension on the spring. The further back you place the spring retainer pin, the more tension the system has. Smaller calibers need less tension, larger calibers should have more tension. Pretty straightforward.


We also have a pin that we call the limiter pin. This pin limits the travel of the target plate as it rotates back. This component is critical as it limits motion to an acceptable range and ensures that lighter calibers do not lightly rock the plate to a point where it will not return. For pistols and lighter carbines, we place the pin in the closest hole. For larger rifles, we place the pin in the furthest hole from the plate.

For a FULL rundown of the instructions for this system, read the Gen II VTAR Manual.

Some assembly is required upon receiving your new system.

Basically the only tool our customers will need is a 3/4″ open end wrench or a ratchet and a 3/4″ deep socket. A 19mm socket or wrench will work as well. Simply install the legs into position per the instruction manual. The target plate and spring pins are already assembled before shipment.

The VTAR system is a multi-use platform designed to perform.

This system is low to the ground and requires no boards or posts to set up. Low targets can be a distinct advantage for certain ranges, especially ones that don’t have very large berms. Keeping bullets toward the ground is always a good thing. Whether you are training for an actual competition, or want a reactive system to push your skills, the VTAR delivers. Set it up to fall over to work follow through and analysis of your shooting. Set it up at distance with your bolt gun to visually see impacts and movements with each hit. No matter how you train, the VTAR will deliver to you.

One last thing: Smaller calibers move the plate less than larger calibers. When it comes to a system like this, there are balances that must be adhered to. If you make the plate small enough that a 9mm can rock it fully back, you don’t have enough spring tension to return the system to battery. Likewise you would find larger calibers to be brutal on the system. This is why we carefully crafted the idea around the adjustable spring tension and limiter pin. We gave the system everything it needed to be as versatile as possible. For a more full rundown of the specs of this system, check out the VTAR Systems Here.

We’re extremely excited to be releasing this system. If you are on the hunt for an exciting target system that is built to do more, you’ve found it. Save some money now through May 1, 2023 by pre-ordering this system. We will begin shipping the new systems after May 1.

Check out our teaser video below.