Free Hostage Steel Target Promotion

  • March 23, 2022
  • By Jared Daub

The last promotion we released was for Black Friday of 2021. We discussed as a team and decided that since we are now getting into spring, it is the right time to get you all into a target system for a discount.

One thing to note: This promotion runs from 3/23/2022 through 3/30/2022. If you are reading this after this date, you missed the sale. That stinks, BUT remember: We make the absolute highest quality AR550 Steel Target systems meant for a lifetime of use. Everything we offer is a quality product and a good purchase. Be confident in that!

Let’s talk briefly about our hostage accessory:

This reactive paddle and bracket assembly is an accessory that works with ANY of our A-DAP target systems. It is one of our favorite accessories because it can be used in many different ways to reinforce good foundational skill building. Most people think of “hostage targets” and think that you can only run make believe hostage scenarios on them. In fact, we almost never run drills like this as they are simply not a realistic experience for everyday carriers and citizens concealing firearms. Could it happen? sure. Does it? That’s debatable. You CAN use the reactive paddle target assembly for these roles, but you don’t have to.


Our preferred method for using the hostage assembly is forcing accountability with smaller targets. When coupled with a target, like our Mini A-DAP system, the paddle can force an even higher level of accountability than the target plate alone. Working transitions, cover, and movement on the 5″x5″ paddle require a high level of fundamentals and a good foundation. Another option is various strings of fire transitioning from body to paddle.

One other amazing trait of the reactive hostage paddle is the need to analyze reaction of impacts. In other words: in a split second shooters need to determine if they hit the paddle or missed. They also might see that a poor hit does not fully rotate the paddle, forcing a follow up shot.

All of these aspects make the hostage assembly an incredible tool for training and skill building.

Here is a full video covering our Hostage assembly and some ideas of how you can incorporate it into your training:

How do you take advantage of the sale?

Normal retail of the hostage assembly and paddle is $149.99. During this promotion you will receive a FREE hostage assembly and paddle with ANY complete A-DAP target system purchased (Mini A-DAP, C Zone A-DAP, Goliath, Vital Zone, Mini Vital Zone) when you use the code FREEHOSTAGE. As an added bonus you will also see a free gong added to your cart.

Note: If you FORGET the discount code, our system will NOT know to send you the free hostage assembly and gong. You MUST include the discount code FREEHOSTAGE at checkout! You do NOT need to manually add a hostage to your cart. Each A-DAP system has the option to add a hostage on the product page. Do not choose to manually add a hostage to your order or you will see a charge for one of the hostages within the cart. Simply choose your A-DAP system and accessories you desire, add to cart, add discount code, our system will do the rest!

A few other particulars: you can’t combine this code with other discounts and it is only applicable during the dates of the sale. No substitutions, no exchanges, etc. Subject to all terms and condition of our website as all other sales.

If you have questions, email us: info@tatargets.com 

To grab your A-DAP system AND Free hostage, click here: SHOP NOW


During the months of November and December our companies experience a massive increase in volume. Due to this increase in orders, longer lead times should be expected. Please contact us at info@tatargets.com if you have questions about this prior to ordering.