Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • March 21, 2023
  • By Josh Watterud

You would have to possess quite a serious cranial debasement to offer warranty for a product that you expect people to lob projectiles into at a velocity north of 3000 feet per second. A Limited Lifetime Warranty would just be downright asinine. Items designed to be destroyed and bought again. Any person with good business since would advise you to maximize buy back. The cost to produce is too close to the price sold. It would be absolutely stupid to guarantee FREE REPLACEMENT for items that people already buy expecting to do everything in their power to destroy. Especially if you specifically tell them to do everything they can… I dare you..


TA Targets defies all sound logic and wisdom from the cultural grandfathers of the industrial age. We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our target systems. We just don’t believe you are going to need it. If you somehow find that you do, we got your back.


What our Limited Lifetime Warranty won’t cover is you using that industrial engineering piece of art as a coat rack. That’s what our 14 day return policy is for. If, however, you should choose to test out your .50-M1 with armor piercing rounds at 20 yards just to say you can… Well, we can’t promise warrantee on that either. Almost anything short of that and you are covered. As long as you are throwing proper ammunition from proper distances, you can hit our plates with hundreds of thousands of rounds. If you split a plate, we will replace it.


Click here for detailed information on our warranty.