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20″ Base 2X2 Adapters



2×2 wood post adapters for our 20″ round steel target base. These Paper adapters bolt to the outside of the 20″ base at the widest portion and allow the use of 2×2 wood posts instead of the standard 1×2 receivers on the front of the base. This also positions the 2×2 wood posts at a 24″ center to center distance which is ideal for larger paper targets. This adapter kit works with all of our generations of 20″ bases with the perimeter holes.


As our A-DAP AR550 Steel Target system proliferates the market and becomes the go to for steel targets, ranges continue to purchase more and more of our 20″ round bases for paper target training. Many of these ranges have been asking us for adapters so they can run a more durable 2×2 wood post instead of the factory 1×2 posts in our base receivers. The side benefit of these adapters is it spaces the posts in a way that achieves a 24″ center to center spacing. If you run larger 24×36 paper targets, this is the solution you need. We have done our best to keep the price low, quality high. They do in fact ship painted with all necessary hardware. These add about 7 pounds to your 20″ base. Sold as a set.

  • Convert ANY 20″ Round base that has the perimeter holes (NOTE: For some time we sold bases with NO perimeter holes around the circumference. If you have one of these bases, this kit will NOT work for your base)
  • Tubes accept 2×2 wood posts
  • Tubes are welded to 1/4″ Thick mild steel base
  • Base is bolted to the holes with included hardware. Refer to pictures on this page for proper positioning. Some adjustment MAY be required to get them centered.
  • These adapters ship painted
  • In the event that one of the adapters is struck by a stray bullet, they can simply  be replaced with new units.
  • These adapters are NOT armored and are not designed to be shot. Impacts will cause damage that is not covered by our warranty.
  • Our warranty covers welds/resistance to failure under NORMAL use and does not cover misuse. See our warranty section of the site.
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