20 Inch Target Base – Gen 2


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20 Inch Target Base – Gen 2

The 20 inch Target Base needed a face lift, and now she got one. This base comes with 2 removable, adjustable furring strip holders and the required bolts and wing nuts to lock them on to the base. The outside ring features holes on the entire circumference which allows fastening of the removable paper holders. The holders feature slots to make up for any manufacturing tolerances in our base rings.

We know that anything downrange eventually can get shot. For that reason, we knew we needed to update our signature base and make it more serviceable for the long haul.

Included with purchase price:

  • Welded ring with welded 2×4 post receiver
  • ONE left paper holder
  • ONE right paper holder
  • 2X 3/8″ Hex Bolts
  • 2X 3/8″ Flat Washers
  • 2X 3/8″ Wing Nuts

*Video States lock nuts are included, however we now include wing nuts. No tools needed for installation of paper holders*

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Sometimes even great products undergo some changes.

Our 20 Inch Target Base has been a staple of our A-DAP family of target systems since 2015. The 360 degree footprint, center weight bias, and quality construction resulted on an elegant way to mount paper and steel targets. Through the years we did notice one area we desired the refine: the paper holders.

The first iterations of the 20 inch target base featured welded paper holders.

Welded paper holders were great because they were simple to manufacture. The welded attachment also resulted in a permanent structure. The downside is when stray or low miss shots impacted the paper holders; There really wasn’t a good solution to fix the problem. This led us to create replacement paper holders for our Gen 1 base (found HERE). We still knew that an update was in order, even with the replacement holders created.

The Gen 2 20 inch base is packed with features.

This target base is just as robust as the first generations, but has one major difference: The paper holders are bolted on. This simply means that our customers can better service their bases in the event of a low impact. There is a saying that says: anything downrange will eventually be shot. This is true of the paper holders as well.

The great part is: with the second generation base our customers can replace the paper holders at any time. Spare paper holders can be found HERE.

Material Mild Steel
Inside Diameter 20″
Outside Diameter 24″
Finish Powder Coat
Ring Construction Welded
Paper Holder Construction 14GA Laser Cut, CNC formed
Paper Holder Attachment Bolted
Hardware Included? Yes.
Approximate Weight 22 Pounds

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) What targets will work with this new base?
  • Our A-DAP family of targets is designed to work with this base. This includes the C Zone, Mini A-DAP (reduced C Zone), Mini Vital Zone, Vital Zone, and Even the Goliath Target (When not used with 50 BMG). Our Single Falling Tree and even our Dueling Tree (when used with 556/reduced paddles) will work great with this base.
2.) Does the price include the paper holders?
  • YES! The purchase price includes ONE left paper holder and ONE right paper holder. Hardware is also included (2X 3/8″ bolts, 2X 3/8″ washers, 2X 3/8″ wing nuts)
3.) What size board fits the paper holders?
  • 1X2 furring strips are ideal for the paper holders. We did increase the size slightly of the paper holders with the new base. This means more variance for lumber sizes. 1X2 furring strips can be found at most lumber or home improvement stores.
4.) Does your warranty cover bases?
  • The welds on the base are covered and guaranteed against cracking under approved uses. The paper holders are not covered by a warranty as they are considered a wear item if struck by bullets. The Paper Holders are extremely inexpensive to replace. You can find replacements HERE.
5.) Does This Product Fall Under Prop. 65 Warnings?
  • Maybe. Just in case, be sure not to eat the paint or lick the target before or after you’ve shot it. If you are just curious, led tastes horrible and will probably cause mental damage. If you have done it once you are likely to do it again. Handle at your own risk, if you choose, you may wear an industry grade hazmat suit and gas mask with a HEPA filter and good luck charm on your wrist. For more information visit https://oehha.ca.gov/proposition-65
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