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20″ Round Base

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Whether you are training with cardboard targets or steel targets, you will need a stable base. The base is the first critical component of paper and steel targets. We revolutionized the idea of what a base should be by offering several variants of our round bases. Round bases, like this 20″ base, are much more stable, feature a 360 degree footprint, and are easier to move around on the range versus bulky “H” style angle bases.

Why should you consider our 20″ round base: 

Our 20″ round base is made from mild steel, meaning it is not armored. It is formed and welded in a way that is low profile and simple. The 2X4 tube at the rear most portion of the base is designed for 2X4 wood posts when using our steel target systems. The front (2) 1X2 tubes are meant to accept 1X2 furring strips for paper target use.

Users can also upgrade to our 2X2 adapters if using thicker wood posts are desired. This is especially applicable for higher volume ranges.

Other products that work well with this steel target base:

Customers should consider grabbing some of our USPSA targets here and our A-DAP target systems can be found here.




Our 20″target  base is doing steel target bases differently. 

Most steel and paper target bases on the market are bulky and poor designs. Many of these bases are very large “H” shaped bases that are often extremely heavy and hard to transport. We knew that we could offer a base that would simplify setup, transport and movement around the range.

Circles are the best shape for portability. 

Have you ever looked at a cars tires and wondered why they’re round? Of course not! It makes perfect sense. The same concept is applied with our round bases. We know that as instructors and shooters train on the range, they desire an easy stand to move around. Having a circle base means you can “shimmy” the target systems around easily. Circles also offer a 360 degree footprint. This means more contact with Mother Earth and more stability.

End users should note: We cannot guarantee that these bases will work with other brands of steel targets. We only recommend using this base for cardboard or our own targets. For customers looking to use thicker boards than 1×2’s for paper, we recommend adding the 2×2 paper holder accessories found here.

  • Simple, Elegant, stable design
  • Tool-Less design means super simple setup, yet ultra stable.
  • Perimeter of the 20″ base features holes for staking if needed
  • The 20″ round Base is designed for use with many of our systems including our A-DAP Family of steel targets
  • Inside Diameter is approximately 20″, outside diameter is approximately 24″.
  • This base includes a 3/8″x1.5″ thumb screw and a 3/8″ x 1″ thumb screw for use with 2X4 posts or armored posts.
  • Front tubes are welded to the ring and are perfect for training with paper targets.
  • Approximate weight of this base packaged is 26 pounds
  • Note: This base MAY ship in multiple packages/sizes depending on your order and quantity.
  • Base not intended to withstand intentional bullet impacts
  • Do NOT shoot base with ANY steel core or penetrator ammunition.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The base is NOT intended to be a target! You WILL damage your base if you shoot it purposely and use it as if it is a target. 

If you have any questions about this base, please email us at


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  1. Mike

    Great product

    Its not heavy, its easy to move around. If you need to keep it in place it has holes to put a stake in. It also always you to be up and shooting in seconds. I think its a great product and is the first of many I hope to purchase.

  2. Alex D


    Easily the best target stand out there . The versatility is unmatched and it’s FDE! You’re not going to find a better quality stand.

  3. Luis


    This base is awesome, I got me a couple of them and I haven’t shoot them yet but believe me when I say the construction is impecable.