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9mm – 250 Round Pack 115 GR FMJ

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Currently we are in an ammunition crisis. Our goal with this ammunition is to supply citizens with enough ammo to train well. This 115 Grain FMJ ammo is brass cased and features a copper FMJ with lead core bullet construction. This is safe to use on our steel target systems. These cases are reloadable and made by our long time friends Keystone Munitions, made right here in Pennsylvania. This is not ammo made in someone’s garage in sketchy conditions. Keystone Munitions manufactures incredibly high quality ammunition for people looking to train.


  • We WILL NOT ship to: Alaska, Hawaii, California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Washington DC, or Illinois. No exceptions. If you place an order in these states and it goes through, we will refund your card immediately less a 10% restock fee.
  • No discount codes applicable on these packages.
  • Ammunition will ship in its own packaging separate from the targets and components. Multiple package shipments.
  • This batch of ammunition is in final production, scheduled to be finished 8/31/21. We will begin shipping following that date. If ordered before 8/31, this is a pre-order.
  • While supplies last. Pricing subject to change without notice.

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It is no secret that purchasing bulk ammunition at reasonable prices has proven difficult in 2020 and 2021. Part of our mission to equip regular citizens is connecting you to the tools you need to continue training, even when we are in hard times. Offering Bulk 9mm ammunition is one way we are doing that right now.

Some details about this ammunition:

This Bulk 9mm ammunition is manufactured here in Pennsylvania and is loaded into brass cases with copper jacket FMJ projectiles. This ammo is remanufactured but it has been loaded to the highest specifications by a licensed manufacturer of ammunition. We have been using Keystone Munitions since around 2015 for most of our bulk training ammunition. This long track record of safety and reliability with this bulk ammo is why we are comfortable offering it to you. This is high quality loaded 9mm ammo at solid prices.

Are there limitations to how much I can purchase? 

There are no limits currently on how much bulk 9mm ammunition you can purchase. If you want it all, buy it all. With that being said, we recommend you buy what you need, then establish a high quality training plan.

Brand of Ammo Keystone Munitions
Caliber .9mm Luger
Bullet Type 115 Grain FMJ (lead core)
Case Material Brase cases
Condition NEW
Corrosive? No. This ammo is non-corrosive.
Velocity Approx. 1115 FPS
Packaging Packed in two bags of 125 rounds
Reloadable Yes these are reloadable


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  1. 313 G.A.T.S (verified owner)

    This is some great ammo, I haven’t had any problems whatsoever…sofar if Ta Targets use it in there videos you can use it in your gun the shipping has been fast the past three years or so even though the pandemic. Packaging is well put together 👌🏼 they have all around great products. Thank You TAT!

  2. K. Maus (verified owner)

    Solid Target ammo! Haven’t had any issues so far and I get to support an awesome company or two.