AR550 Steel & Cardboard Target kit


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Let’s go over the contents of this epic Steel Target Kit.

We currently live in an environment that does not make it easy to train on the range. For this reason, we wanted to assemble a high value AR550 Steel Target package that allows citizens to access targets at great prices and includes some of the necessary items to start training with purpose. PLEASE READ WHAT IS INCLUDED CAREFULLY. This kit includes:

(ONE) Gen 5 A-DAP Top Bracket

(ONE) Breakdown Target Base

(ONE) 3/8″ Reduced C Zone Target Plate (assembled)

(ONE) Pack of 50 cardboard USPSA approved targets

(ONE) Pack of 8 Furring Strips for mounting cardboard targets to base.

This is a solid package of steel targets and tools that will allow you train well.



AR550 Steel & Cardboard Target kit.

The most important part of our mission is equipping regular citizens with high quality AR550 Steel Targets that will assist them in training to high standards. That is why we created the AR550 Steel & Cardboard Target kit.

Everything needed to train with purpose.

This steel target package along with the cardboard targets that are included create a well rounded training set. Use the cardboard targets for precise metrics and tracking. Use the steel target to instill accountability and immediately recognize impacts. Both can be used with the included Breakdown Target Base.

This kit includes:
  • (One) Breakdown Target Base
  • (One) Gen 5 A-DAP Top Bracket
  • (One) 3/8″ Mini A-DAP Target Plate
  • (One) Pack of 50 cardboard USPSA approved targets
  • (One) Pack of 8 cardboard mounting sticks

Invest in this package to experience efficiency and purpose on each range day session.


Mount Type A-DAP Gen 5 Top Bracket
Steel Grade  3/8″ AR550 Reduced C Zone
Assembly Fast, Tool-Less Assembly
Adjustable Lean? Yes
Brackets CNC Cut, CNC Press Brake Formed to Perfect Angles
Approximate Size 8″W X 16″H
Approx. Weight Approx. 45 pounds assembled
Shape 33% Reduced C Zone Target System
Finish Powder Coated

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) What material are your targets made from? Answer: The most popular material we use is an ultra high grade, highly refined 3/8″ or 1/2″ AR550 steel. Some of our systems are also offered in the same material but in 3/8″. We do not sell targets that are made from AR500, it simply is not strong enough for our customers to train with purpose.

2.) How long can I expect these targets to last? Answer: for most people these targets will last their lifetime. No Joke. You may need to replace hardware, you will need to replace boards, and you will need to touch up the paint, but if used properly these targets will last a lifetime. Some extremely high volume ranges may meet the life expectancy of the steel, depending on ammunition used and distances shot. We have yet to see that happen in 7 years of manufacturing these systems.

3.) Do you offer a Warranty? Answer: Yep! 1/2″ AR550 systems feature a lifetime warranty, 3/8″ AR550 systems feature a 3 year warranty. If you have any issues, simply email us and we will make sure you are back up and running fast.

4.) Are these targets worth the money? Answer: If you like steel that doesn’t shoot back at you, these targets are for you. We also are avid shooters who train with 10’s of thousands of rounds of focused training per year. We understand what you need in your AR550 Steel targets. We have created systems that allow you to train to the highest standards. Factor in the warranty, the quick shipping, solid customer service, reinvestment in our community and you’ll quickly realize we aren’t just a steel target company. We’re a culture changing media making machine.

5.) How do I know the material is as good as you say? Answer: We spec minimum hardness levels and reject material that does not meet our spec. We also keep track of heat and lot numbers during production and each and every target plate receives it’s own sticker with this information on it. We place this sticker behind the CNC formed angles to protect it from the elements. Nobody does this except us. Nobody cares about you like us.


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