Breakdown Base 2X4 Tube

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The Breakdown Base 2X4 Tube is a critical component of the Breakdown Target Base.

When purchasing a Breakdown Target base, it comes with ONE 2X4 tube. If your 2X4 tube has received a low impact and has damage, this is the tube you will need to replace your damaged unit. You can also use this tube to add stiffness to your breakdown base. The breakdown base allows two of these tubes to be installed.

What is included with this product:

  • ONE 2X4 tube which accepts a standard 2X4 board, our custom wood post, or our Adjustable Armored Post
  • (TWO) 3/8″X3 Carriage Bolts
  • (TWO) 3/8″ Locking nuts

If you need a new tube or want more stiffness in your base, grab one of these tubes today.


Breakdown Base 2X4 Tube

The Breakdown Base 2X4 Tube is one of the components that comes standard with each breakdown base. We offer this part separately as well for a few reasons:

  • Users can add a second tube to each breakdown base if they desire more stiffness in the base
  • Adding a second tube allows users to purchase our Aluminum inserts for paper holders
  • The aluminum inserts, when installed, allow the base to be run sideways for USPSA target yse
  • Running the base sideways is the MOST stable method for USPSA target use
  • We recognize that low impacts happen. When a low impact happens, it almost always ends up damaging this tube or the paper holders.
  • For this reason, we offer replacement parts like this tube.
Easily installed or replaced in any breakdown base.

This tube simply bolts into the Breakdown base and accepts standard wood boards or our custom target posts OR our adjustable armored posts. We manufacture this part out of one piece of 3/16″ thick steel. We then CNC form it to the shape you see. At the bottom are two holes for the included 3/8″ carriage bolts. On all three sides users will find tapped holes for 3/8″ thumb screws. This tube is not directional and can be installed facing either direction in your breakdown base.

What is included with each tube:
  • (2) 3/8″-16 X 3″ carriage bolts
  • (2) 3/8″ Locking nuts
  • (One) 3/8″ X 1″ Thumb Screw
  • (One) 3/8″ X 1.5″ Thumb Screw
  • (ONE) laser cut and CNC formed tube.