Breakdown Base Aluminum Inserts (Set of Two)

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Breakdown Base Aluminum Inserts

The aluminum furring strip inserts for our breakdown base are built to adapt your 2X4 tubes into paper holders. Why would you want to do this? Great question! Anytime you are running a DOUBLE Breakdown base assembly, the paper holders will be spaced too far apart to accommodate USPSA targets. BUT…the 2X4 tubes are not. So instead of tearing down your double base to turn it back into a single, simply drop in these aluminum inserts and run your 1X2 Furring strips OR our custom cardboard sticks (found HERE).

Even folks who have a SINGLE breakdown base can benefit from these inserts. Customers can purchase a second 2X4 tube HERE and install into their breakdown base. Then purchase TWO of these aluminum inserts. Now when you shoot cardboard, the base is sideways. This configuration provides the absolute best stability for cardboard shooting in windy environments.

These inserts are machined from aluminum and are unfinished. They will ONLY work with the breakdown base 2X4 tubes, just a heads up.

Note: This is a set of TWO machined aluminum insert. If you want more than two, you have to add more than one to your cart.


Breakdown Base Aluminum Inserts

Breakdown Base Aluminum Inserts are designed to add even more versatility to your breakdown base assembly. We will state up front: This is not an inexpensive upgrade. We understand that for some there might be hesitation.

Benefits of the Aluminum Base Inserts:
  • For single bases these inserts can be coupled with a second 2X4 tube (Purchased HERE) to create an even more stable platform for shooting cardboard targets.
  • Using the adapters means that the base is set sideways in use with cardboard. This creates the ULTIMATE in stability, especially in windy environments
  • When used with our double breakdown base these allow users proper spacing for cardboard without tearing down their base
  • When installed, our customers can tighten their thumb screws into the furring strips to LOCK IN the cardboard sticks.
Elegance, simplicity, and further refinement.

The aluminum adapters are an elegant yet simple way to further enhance your Breakdown Base. They install without the need for tools, and they can be removed in seconds. We chose aluminum because we wanted them to resist corrosion. We chose to CNC machine these pieces for exacting fit and function.

Users can purchase 1X2 furring strips at their local lumber yard OR run our custom cardboard mount sticks. The 1X2 strips purchased from a typical store will fit looser than our custom boards. No worries, though. Simply tighten the thumb screws on your 2X4 tube and they will stay locked into place.

Please note: The price shown is for TWO aluminum adapter. If you need more than two, be sure to adjust the quantity. Manufactured right here in the great state of Pennsylvania with love and care.