Cardboard Target Mounting Sticks


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Cardboard Target Mounting Sticks.

A fancy way to say: “These boards slip into our Gen 2 base paper holders and allow you to mount your cardboard targets on the range securely”. The boards measure 48″ Long and are 7/8″ Thick and 1 7/8″ wide. These ARE NOT standard 1X2 furring strips as found in your local hardware store. These are purpose built for our Gen 2 base paper holders. The wood is poplar so it is very dense, very durable, yet very inexpensive.

Grab a set of these today to get the most out of your steel target base. Free shipping in the lower 48 states.

This is a pack of (8) boards cut to approximately 48″ long (length & other dimensions may vary slightly)


Cardboard Target Mounting Sticks

Cardboard Target Mounting Sticks are important to add to your range kit. They allow you to use your Gen 2 20″ target base to its fullest. The boards are sawn and planed to 7/8″ thick X 1 7/8″ wide. This dimension means they fit perfectly into your paper holders.

Finding proper “furring strips” can be difficult.

Over the years we have heard all the horror stories from our customers. Big box stores RARELY have consistently sized furring strips. They also are rarely straight. Not to mention your time, energy, money and fuel was spent driving there just to be disappointed. We made this extremely simple for anyone who has a GEN 2 target base.

The Gen 2 paper holders are different than Gen 1

Originally our 20″ base featured paper holders that were welded to the base. They were designed for 1X2 furring strips. When we upgraded to the Gen 2 base, we made the paper holders larger. We did this because of the inconsistencies of commercially available 1X2 boards. We also wanted to offer a more robust solution that can take more abuse. So we increased the size and design of the paper holders to accommodate. For this reason, we also decided to offer our OWN solution for a more robust target mounting stick.

Inexpensive, easy to use, easy to replace when needed.

We are committed to offering solutions to shooters no matter the budget. We recognize the value of shooting USPSA targets, so we created a solution.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) Will these sticks work for my Gen 1 Base? Answer: NO. These are NOT 1X2 furring strips. They will not fit the Gen 1 base tubes.

2.) What are the boards made from? Answer: Poplar. Not sure what else to say here.

3.) Do these fall under the prop 65 warning? Answer: Who knows. Judging by Californias lack of general sanity, the answer is probably. Just don’t lick them, don’t eat them, don’t sword fight with them, and wash your hands when you are done using them.

4.) Are there other uses for these boards? Answer: You can probably build a pretty epic fort from them for your kids. For skid quantities, please contact us.

5.) Do these sticks include cardboard? Answer: No. These are JUST the wood. You’ll have to buy cardboard separately HERE.

6.) How many sticks are included in this pack? Answer: 8.