Direct Action Tourniquet Kit


Don’t be caught without one of the most important pieces of medical gear in your kit. The Direct Action Tourniquet Kit from Live the Creed provides everything you need to have an effective tourniquet kit. This multi-functional rapid access tourniquet holder was designed to mount it on MOLLE or a belt (horizontally or vertically). Not to mention the ability to throw in a bag and carry with you everyday.

Having a highly-functional and quality tourniquet close by is critical in your day to day life as stopping bleeding is a top priority in any trauma event.

The kit is available in 5 colors: Black, Coyote, Multicam, Multicam Black, Ranger Green, Rescue Red.


Direct Action Tourniquet Kit

The Direct Action Tourniquet kit from Live The Creed is set up with the first-line essentials you need to enable you to…

  • Expose major bleeding with the Trauma Shears
  • Stop the bleeding fast with the CAT Gen 7 Tourniquet
  • Write the Time of application with the included Sharpie.

Mounting to a belt or MOLLE is easy as it comes with a TacTie that can be mounted a variety of different ways. Daily carrying a tourniquet has never been easy than this. Having an easy and seamless way to mount a tourniquet means it can always be with you on your person, in your vehicle, in your bag, or around the house.

Also, the retention is just right as it allows the tourniquet to pull out smoothly when needed and stay in place during all movement. While most leave the elastic exposed to UV Rays we keep it protected with our Laser Cut & Engraved Laminate Shield.

Made out of durable Cordura Laminate & Tegris this is an essential piece of equipment designed to last for years.

Who is the Direct Action Tourniquet Kit for?

In short, the correct answer is everyone. Getting training and having access to a tourniquet is critical in case of any accident or trauma event. They are not just for battlefield scenarios, anything can happen at any time.

That being said, it is perfect for anyone in Law Enforcement to people interested in the outdoors to just day to day life.

Direct Action Tourniquet Kit includes

  •  1x CAT Tourniquet
  • 1x 5.5″ Trauma Shears
  • 1x Sharpie
  • 1x Direct Action Tourniquet Holder

It is important to be familiar with the items in your medical kit and have a basic understanding of when & how to use them. By purchasing this Comprehensive Medical Kit you release ARKAYNE CO and LIVE THE CREED of any liability and consent to having the proper training and knowledge to use the items of this kit properly.

Kit includes

  •  1x CAT Tourniquet
  • 1x 5.5″ Trauma Shears
  • 1x Sharpie
  • 1x Direct Action Tourniquet Holder


  • Mounts to MOLLE via Included TacTie (included)
  • Mounts to Belts up to 2″ wide via Velcro One Wrap Strips (included)
  • Stitched for rugged durability.