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This Exodus Tee is perfect for all occasions. Sizes run pretty typical for T-Shirts. Not too tight, not too loose. Great fit, great quality that is comfortable. Fabrics are nice and soft, comfortable and stylish. Show off your favorite company, and keep yourself focused on what matters and looking good at the same time with the Exodus Tee.


Exodus Tee

This is our simplest design, and yet, hidden in it is the truth of who we are. The Exodus Tee symbolizes our identity, direction, and mission as well as providing an anchor or plumb line for our team to keep us on corse. Which brings us to the first part of the logo:

True North

Let’s begin at the bottom of our logo. Our foundation is an arrow from a compass pointing upward signifying our true north, a focused direction. For this purpose the broken pieces above the arrow represent Exodus as a physical and spiritual breaking away of culture. There are five total components inside the Exodus logo to represent how each of our four current brands under the Exodus Companies will have a separate impact on culture.


As a result, the X shape represents a target, which is cultural revolution. The circle represents “all encompassing” simply meaning that the Exodus will impact every facet of life and culture. Therefore, we are not singularly focused on one company mission. Although we fracture from current culture, we do so as a collective community. As a team at the Exodus Companies, as well as you, our tribe. So together we will bring much needed impact and change to our world. The Exodus Tee will help us to keep our minds set on that goal.

The Tribe

The most important part of what we are doing is our Tribe. Our goal is to exit culture to build a community. A tribe. You. Come on board and join our tribe, begin to think about how you can take action in making the world a better place. Let’s build a positive future for our children. Why not insure our children have what means, knowledge, and skill is necessary to forge a path to the promised land of self governance? We have an opportunity to join hands together and form a tribe and lift each other up. Join our tribe and let’s move!

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