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A-DAP 2.0 Top Bracket


Lead Time on this product: Approximately 5-10 days


You are looking at an A-DAP 2.0 Top bracket. This is designed for use with a 2×4 wood post. There are 4 holes which allow you to add our hostage assembly to your top bracket at any point down the road. We manufacture these top brackets from 3/8″ Mild steel. They are not designed to be used as an actual target, and over time they will get hit downrange. Glancing impacts usually do not cause damage but occasionally you may need to replace one of your A-DAP top brackets. This is the component you need when replacing your top bracket. This top bracket will work with ANY generation A-DAP. If you have the older style A-DAP target systems without the adjustable angles, we recommend you purchase the A-DAP 2.0 conversion kit.

Please NOTE: This top bracket DOES NOT include and hardware or target plates.

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