Portable Bullet Trap – MOD 1


Lead Time on this product: 5 to 6 weeks

The TA Targets Portable Bullet Trap (MOD 1) stands in a class of its own as the most user friendly, serviceable, and durable Portable Bullet Trap in our lineup. The MOD 1 was formed from the feedback of many industry professionals offering feedback and giving us information on what bullet traps should be. We took over 18 months to refine this system and test in the most demanding conditions. This AR550 Bullet Trap is a top tier product designed to take the abuse from serious users.

A few key points about the MOD 1 (more specs below in the specs section): 

The MOD 1 portable bullet trap is fully user serviceable. The sealed upper portion of the bullet trap is FULLY constructed from 3/8″ AR550 steel. No corners have been cut in the design and selection of materials. The strike plate is a replaceable 3/8″ OR 1/2″ AR550 steel plate that can be easily unbolted and replaced with basic hand tools. The upper portion features a 2″ thick vulcanized ballistic rubber panel that is up to 25% more dense than other ballistic panels on the market. The body is also the funnel and when purchased with our optional wheel kit, users have a location to place a bucket to catch all lead fragmentation.

Modularity in Design:

This portable bullet trap has been designed to allow the end user to adjust and set the desired angle of engagement. This means this trap can be set at the top of a flight of stairs, or at the bottom, or even at extremely aggressive angles for stadium engagements. One bullet trap handles the job for all forms of training. From Sniper engagements to closer quarter room clearing training, this bullet trap handles it with ease.

Durability and Performance: 

The MOD 1 Bullet trap with the 1/2″ AR550 strike plate is designed to handle up to 308 Winchester at 20 feet. The MOD 1 is suitable for all standard calibers from centerfire pistols to bolt action rifles. See specifications section for full details.

Customers looking to spend more time shooting, less time maintaining poor quality bullet traps should consider the MOD 1. There simply is no other bullet trap on the market as reliable, serviceable, and adaptable.



Portable Bullet Traps that are poor quality and poor performance have littered the market for far too long. We heard the experiences of our industry partners and took their input and created the MOD 1 Bullet Trap.

What is the MOD 1 Bullet Trap? 

Simply put, the MOD 1 is a premium, top tier bullet trap that has been designed to be a system that will offer our customers longer service life and more efficient maintenance through the life of the system. A Few key traits of the bullet trap are as follows:

  • Fully sealed/fully welded upper assembly
    • Minimizing lead dust escape and fully capturing all fragmentation
  • Fully AR550 upper assembly
    • Many companies are offering bullet traps with mild steel upper construction. That’s horrible and unsafe. The MOD 1 is completely AR550.
  • Replaceable strike plate
    • Strike plates are offered in 3/8″ AR550 and 1/2″ AR550. These strike plates bolt into place and have a urethane sealer to eliminate lead dust escaping the unit
  • Integrated funnel and slide gate
    • A clean out funnel is integrated into the upper assembly.
  • Fully adjustable lean angle
    • The MOD 1 can be set at multiple angles to service high or low angle engagements.


Mount Type (2) A-DAP Armored Posts (3′ standard, 4′ available)
Frame Steel Grade 3/8″ AR550 Upper Assembly
Strike Plate 3/8″ AR550 Strike Plate (replaceable)
Adjustable Lean? Yes. Multiple lean angles for low and high engagements
Brackets CNC cut brackets welded to upper assembly frame
Approximate Height 60-72″ depending on options, 35.5″ Shooting Zone
Approximate Width 28″ overall, 23.5″ Shooting zone
Weight Approximately 500 pounds FULLY assembled
Finish Painted Base Station Beige

– The MOD1 Bullet Trap is designed for hardcore, heavy use environments by professionals who need the most versatile, safest bullet trap available. 

– Extremely Durable and stable double 26″ base

  • Double Base features our AR500 Armored Posts. These are the same posts we use on our A-DAP systems in high volume environments
  • 2″ thick Rubber is vulcanized rubber. Approximately 25% more dense than MOST other bullet trap ballistic panels. This means longer life and a safer product
  • Assemble without tools
  • adjustable lean: many shoot houses have multiple levels and stairs. Adjust the trap so shooters engage at a perpendicular angle for longest lifespan
  • Distance Ratings:
    • Handguns: 7 yards with rubber impacts
    • Light Carbines: 10 yards with rubber impacts
    • Rifles (308/6.5 CM): 20 yards MIN. NOTE: 308 at this distance will increase maintenance and consumable intervals!
    • PLEASE NOTE: These distance ratings are for RUBBER zone impacts. Impacts from rifles at this distance on the frame, posts or base will cause potential damage.
  • Strike Plate is easily replaced.
  • Integrated funnel means lead and jacket fragments are collected in the bottom for easy emptying.
  • Upper frame can be completely disassembled for cleaning and maintenance with basic hand tools.
  • Tilt design allows maximum adjustability for any form of small arms training
  • Tilt design allows upper trap assembly to lay completely flat for easy complete field teardown. NO need to remove from posts to do ANY maintenance to the system.
  • FMJ and SP ammo is recommended. No Tracers, NO penetrator or armor piercing ammunition. Hollow point bullets will cause more wear and tear on the rubber panel but they are acceptable. (Just know that they are harder on the rubber

Consumable Components:

  • Ballistic Rubber Panel
  • AR550 Strike Plate
  • Interior Hardware should be monitored and replaced with each ballistic panel replacement cycle


Is this bullet trap serviceable?
  • Yes. This unit is FULLY serviceable. The entire upper assembly can be laid flat like a table while on the posts for a full teardown and servicing if need be.
Are any components on this bullet trap made from lesser grade steel?
  • No. Every exposed aspect of the upper assembly, including the handles and frame, are made from 3/8″ AR550 steel. Every piece. Some competitors make the sides out of thin, lighter materials and that enables bullet passthroughs when shooting at angles. Not good.
Approximately how many rounds can I shoot until the rubber needs replaced?
  • That Depends entirely on the volume of your range. If you are using these traps with teams simply clearing rooms, these will last many thousands of rounds, for some folks the rubber will last for years. If you are doing higher volume competitive indoor shooting, the lifespan will be lesser. With that being said, this rubber is Vulcanized, 2″ thick ballistic rubber. Not junk recycled, porous rubber. It’s the best of the best and up to 25% more dense than most of our competitors rubber.
Approximately how many rounds until I need to service the strike plate.
  • This answer is similar to above. Some customers use only pistols. These strike plates, especially 1/2″ AR550, will last nearly indefinitely with pistol use and proper ammo. It is a wear item that depends on how many rounds your range shoots, the distance you shoot, and where the impacts are concentrated. Most customers will get years of use out of their strike plates.
What is the deal with the adjustable lean?
  • We opted for adjustable lean for low or high angle engagements. For example, descending a flight of stairs. Bullets impacting at a 90 degree angle will do less rubber damage and the Mod 1 can be adjusted so bullet impacts are perpendicular to the strike plate. The same can be said for stadium engagements from elevated shooting positions. This is refinement that is much needed in bullet traps in general.
How often does the Mod 1 need “cleaned out”?
  • The short answer is daily. However we recognize that most will not clean the trap out daily. Cleaning daily reduces the chance of a clog inside the body of the trap. Shorter intervals of clean out are HIGHLY recommended. Users can also opt to leave the bucket below the system and leave the slide door removed. This can create more lead dust, so users must consider this during use.
What happens if the trap funnel clogs?
  • Remove the lower six bolts for the front frame. Then you will have access to the funnel and can EASILY clean out the system without removing from the base or posts. Remember to wear proper PPE/respirator/gloves.
Can I leave the slide gate out of the upper assembly?
  • Yes! Some customers leave the funnel open and keep a bucket under the trap. This means lead will be constantly falling into the bucket. The downside of this is lead dust escaping the system. ONLY do this in proper indoor ranges with sufficient air filtration systems.
Can I use this in my basement?
  • I mean…I guess you can. However proper ventilation is REQUIRED and you must adhere to local laws and regulations. Don’t do something that is unsafe. Remember: Missed rounds need to be stopped. If you miss the trap, the bullet will hit something else. For that reason we really only recommend professional applications. That being said, we will sell to anyone who needs a high end bullet trap for their application.
Does the MOD 1 only ship via freight?
  • Yes. This bullet trap ONLY ships via freight services. Note: We can fit up to five units PER skid. For this reason as you add multiples to your cart, you will see gradual increases in freight until you pass five units. For orders larger than five units or outside the US orders, contact us for estimates.
 Where are these products produced?
  • We produce our products in Lancaster County PA. We oversee every step of the process, QC, production, packaging, and shipping. From start to finish, TA Targets is manufacturing high quality systems for hard use. Our owners own the machinery, facility, equipment, etc. We have invested heavily in newer specialty equipment to further streamline our processes and increase quality even further.
Is the Armor Plating on the targets US material?
  • No. The “armor” we use for the strike plates (actual target impact plates) is made from a proprietary material that is manufactured in Sweden. this is the best material we have found in the world. We were largely dissatisfied with the QC of American made strike plates and had too many issues with quality control. Eventually we hope a US manufacturer creates a material that is as available and as stringent as our Swedish plate. For now, this is the best material to service our customers. US Manufactured AR500 and AR550 is used in areas that are NOT main strike plates. Some examples of this are the Rifle Dueling Tree Shields, Plate Rack Shields, Arachnid front shield and hostage brackets.
Where does the rest of the steel come from?
  • Traditionally all other steel used in our systems is US origin. During the “covid pandemic” the supply chain has experienced extreme pressures. Under some circumstances some of our tube steel and angle had to be purchased from Canadian raw materials. We do our absolute best to minimize this, not because of quality concerns, but because we deeply desire to produce our products from US steel. We will not use Chinese steel plate, angles, or tubes. Rest assured.
Is the rubber produced state side?
  • Yes. The Rubber is produced in the US.
Does This Product Fall Under Prop. 65 Warnings?
  • Maybe. Just in case, be sure not to eat the paint or lick the target before or after you’ve shot it. If you are just curious, led tastes horrible and will probably cause mental damage. If you have done it once you are likely to do it again. Handle at your own risk, if you choose, you may wear an industry grade hazmat suit and gas mask with a HEPA filter and good luck charm on your wrist. For more information visit https://oehha.ca.gov/proposition-65


During the months of November and December our companies experience a massive increase in volume. Due to this increase in orders, longer lead times should be expected. Please contact us at info@tatargets.com if you have questions about this prior to ordering.