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Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32×50 Digital Day/Night Riflescope


Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32X:

With more and more people jumping into the world of night vision predator hunting, it is important to have a vast array of optics. Many folks will want to test the waters without jumping too deep into the NV game. The Wraith HD series of digital night vision scopes is a great way to get into night vision hunting, experience the thrill of hunting in darkness, but not kill your wallet.

If you are hunting more open spaces where the larger magnification is required, the Wraith HD4-32 may be a solid option for you.

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Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32: a capable rifle scope that is available at a price that won’t destroy your wallet. In our state (Pennsylvania) the laws restricting night vision and thermal optics FINALLY were cut down. Now night vision and thermal are legal options to take game effectively. Increase your odds at making a clean kill by using modern technology and modern arms. Descend into darkness well equipped.

The Wraith HD4-32 has an awesome price point and for this reason it has become an optic we have been using often. Is it the best on the market? No. But it does allow you to get into night vision hunting without killing your wallet. The 4-32 range is good for situations where you have game that will be called in from further distances. For folks hunting the northeast in closer distance situations like us, it might be wise to consider the wider FOV Wraith HD 2-16 found HERE.

Pros: very affordable entry price with features of higher end optics

Cons: We tend to remove the factory IR illuminator and replace it with a unit that can be focused. Out of the box the IR performs well but it is very much a “flood” style light. Fine for open fields but if you are like us and you hunt in brush and cover, a unit like the Fox Pro Gun fire 3 color light are a solid option. Another con is this unit is not as refined as other high end optics on the market. Does it work? Yes! Is it going to perform exactly the same as a $2000+ digital night vision scope? No. There are better options on the market in higher end price ranges, but if you are on a budget, this is a good option for you.

One thing to note: These units shown are IN STOCK which means no lead time. If you see that we have stock, that means these will ship within 1-3 days average. We don’t do you like the other guys. We connect you with solid gear fast. It’s just how we do.

  • lower magnification allows shooters to have a larger FOV which means higher chances at positively identifying game
  • 1080 HD digital imaging
  • Daytime Color Mode
  • Night Vision Mode
  • Build in HD Video Recording
  • 8X Digital Zoom
  • 10 Reticle options and 9 color modes
  • Micro USB input for external power (if desired. Also runs on 4X AA Batteries)
  • Weaver rail on top for accessories
  • 5 Weapon Profile Saves
  • *Does NOT include batteries or Micro SD memory card*
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