Silver 1 Ounce Round


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Silver has long been viewed as a great way to turn cash into an inflation fighting physical currency.

The Fed doesn’t want your money being put into hard assets. Land, properties, businesses, and metals remove you from the system of slavery, or at the very least: can create a buffer between you and the games of elitists.

We offer silver 1 ounce rounds in various designs and shapes. Please note: we cannot guarantee designs/styles/condition as we buy in bulk lots from many sources, but the coins you receive WILL be 1 ounce .9999 fine silver coins.

Please always remember: investing in anything CAN be risky. Buying metals to us is not an investment to “make” money. Instead, we desire to take “liquid” cash and turn it into a physical asset. Nothing more, nothing less. There are many sources online to learn more about buying metals. We suggest you do your research as with all investments.

Set the quantity to the amount you want to purchase. Price shown is for ONE 1 ounce silver round coin. Does not include anything but the coin. Products in pictures are for artistic representation i.e. “eye candy”. You dig?

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Silver 1 Ounce Round coins are a hedge against inflation.

Silver 1 ounce round coins are arguably the most cost-effective way to get into collecting precious metals. So what are precious metals? Typically when people think of precious metals, they will immediately think of gold, silver and platinum. This is for good reason. For a long time our entire nations currency was backed by physical gold. For this reason, Gold is often viewed as the most prestigious of precious metals to collect. But there are downsides to gold, and upsides to silver, especially for beginners.

Gold vs Silver Vs Platinum

Gold is typically the most expensive of the three. Platinum follows next, then silver. Silver is often viewed as the entry into precious metals collection. It costs MUCH less per ounce, and is easier to barter. Silver 1 ounce Round coins are a cost effective way to trade for goods. Consider that at the time of writing this page, gold is nearly $2000 per ounce and silver is about $28 per ounce. Which would you rather use to get milk, eggs, and maybe some firewood? Probably the Silver.

Silver is more easily broken down into smaller, more tangible quantities.

Because of this fact, we wanted to do our part to introduce our customers to the world of silver. We view precious metals in a different lens. Some people buy them to try to make money over time, our objective is to take our cash now, put it into something physical, and hopefully that physical asset increases in value faster than inflation. This has been historically the case for precious metals. This is why we don’t plan to sell our personal precious metals and we don’t look at them as “investments” in the typical sense.

What are the risks?

Every investment is a risk. But how much money do we waste daily/weekly/monthly/yearly? How much money is that daily cup of overpriced coffee costing us? This is all about personal priorities. If you don’t want to buy precious metals, don’t! If you do, we’d just suggest that you have a realistic approach. Don’t expect to “make money”. Could you? Yeah, it’s possible. But what is more likely is that your cash is just hedged against inflation. Could you lose money? Yes. If silver prices drop and you decide to sell, you will lose money. It’s for this reason that we recommend you dig into our content and content of others before just jumping on some precious metals purchases.

Metal Type .9999 Fine Silver
Weight 1 Troy Ounce
Color Silver is a soft, white/silver color.
Design Design will vary, design requests not available
Condition Coins may have been handled, but are in good condition or new condition
Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What are the different types of silver avaiable? Answer: We are only offering 1 ounce rounds for a special promotion due to the economic conditions in our nation.

2.) What is “junk silver”? Answer: Junk silver is a term describing coins that were previously in circulation that contain silver. Most notably silver dimes and silver quarters. Prior to 1965 US quarters and dimes were 90% silver. They are EASILY distinguished because modern quarters have a copper “stripe” when viewed from the thin side. The silver quarters do not. Silver quarters also are a prettier color, and ring at a higher pitch when dropped. If you have quarters or dimes that have a date of 1964 or older, KEEP THEM!

3.) Should I invest in precious metals? Answer: Personally we think it is smart. Does that mean you should? Not necessarily. We think you should do your research, think about it, weigh the pros and cons and decide. One thing we do know: inflation is continuing, and the value of our dollar is decreasing. That is not a good recipe.