Steel Target Carry Bag (Sack O’ Steel)


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Steel Target Carry Bag

We originally wanted to call this our “man purse”, “man satchel”, or even possibly the “Sack O’ Steel”. We figured absolutely nobody would search these terms on google, so we landed on “steel target carry bag”. A Boring name for an epic bag. The only real question: Why didn’t we do this sooner?

Features of this Carry Bag:
  • Ability to Fit Breakdown Base, Top Bracket, and Mini A-DAP plate together in a single bag
  • Two internal pockets for hardware and small tools
  • wide, full width flap on top with dual buckles
  • 2X4 or Armored post holder straps/buckles on back of bag
  • Tasteful colors, high-quality materials
  • Sewn in the great state of Pennsylvania.

Please note: The Steel Target Carry Bags are produced in small batches. We are not accepting back orders at this time, so grab them while we have inventory!


Steel Target Carry Bag

The Steel Target Carry Bag. Yeah, we’re calling it the “Sack O’ Steel”, unofficially.

Legend tells that this bag was forged in the basement of the barracks of Exodus for their warriors and freedom fighters to transport their personal training gear. This bag would keep everything strapped in tight and saves room in their wagon right next to the shotgun under the seat.

Built for portability for those who train to defend life.

Whether traveling like a nomad across all kinds of terrain setting up camp, simply packing your own target to your own private range or whatever the case may be. Now you can transport your entire A-DAP system in one sack; target, base, and post! Equipped with a solid 2×4 or the Adjustable Armored Post, your full system will fit snug. This limits the amount of space the system takes up in your car, and ensures you aren’t spreading lead everywhere once you’ve packed it up. This new Sack O’ Steel is so inclusive, its EXCLUSIVE!

Watch the FULL Breakdown Base Video HERE.

A Few features of this carry bag:
  • Sewn and manufactured right here in the USA
  • Manufactured from high quality materials
  • Buckles and large full-width flap for max capacity
  • Rear latch/buckles for 2X4 storage
  • Dual carry handles: maximum weight carrying ability
  • Tasteful colors match our brand
  • Two interior pouches for small tools and extra hardware