Since the start of our company we have made it known that we unapologetically believe in the right of humans to bear arms in defense of themselves, their families, their property, their community, state and country. We believe that our nation is better when good people own and train with military grade weapons.

Our mission is to use steel targets to better equip regular citizens with the tools to push their standards and be more effective at protecting life. There are forces that are directly opposed to that mission, this shirt helps our customers speak out against them.



As our company has grown we have felt more and more compelled to use our platform to speak truth to our followers and community. We do not want to be the company that simply takes from the community, rather we want to reinvest in it. We believe companies in our industry NEED to be speaking out and influencing policy, especially at the state and local level.

We have long believed that the ability to protect oneself is undeniable and that the birthright of all Americans is the desire and ability to effectively fend off those who threaten liberty. This is not just the duty of police, but the populace as a whole. Citizens have many of the same responsibilities as sworn police officers, yet politicians continually attempt to create legislation that strips the people of those rights.

We are releasing these shirts to begin to push the topic of Red Flag laws far and wide. This shirt is us saying we have had it with politicians stripping the people of their rights. Their actions put the populace in danger of unconstitutional removal of firearms without due process, but also put police officers into the position where they are risking their positions as they stand in defiance to unconstitutional laws. We look at the situation in Virginia and, although it is amazing seeing Law Enforcement standing with their people, it is disheartening hearing politicians speaking so blatantly at promoting the removal of a persons rights. Politicians have become out of control so it is time for us to speak loudly, make a stand AND support the organizations who are putting up the good fight.

It is easy to talk. It is harder to act. We hope that you wear this shirt to spark conversations in your communities and to preach the message of freedom far and wide.

The securing of freedom is ALL of our responsibilities. From the responsibly armed citizen, to the sworn law enforcement officers, to our active and retired military: We ALL hold the responsibility to stand up for what is right and to continue to keep our republic.

As Benjamin Franklin declared to Elizabeth Powell after she asked if we had a monarch or a republic after the constitutional convention: “A republic. If you can keep it.” We need to take that responsibility seriously so we can begin to build a better nation of states for our future children to enjoy. A nation returning to the truth that the PEOPLE hold the power and that no politician can forsake the people of their natural rights.


– High Quality 100% Cotton Bella Canvas Shirts.

– Comfortable fit, sized properly, not too tight, not too loose for most body types

– UniSex. Rock them for him or her

– Flagged Logo on the back, TAT circle monogram logo on the left upper chest, Nine Line Flag on the right sleeve

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