Target Base and USPSA Targets


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Target Base and USPSA Cardboard Targets

This is a fantastic way to save money and get two vitally important tools into your range training toolbox. Our Gen 2 base is specifically designed to work with ANY of our A-DAP family of steel target systems. This base also includes removable paper holders for 1X2 (and larger ) furring strips. The base paper holders are built larger than the standard 1X2 furring strips to give our customers maximum flexibility in board choice.

Cardboard is a great tool to track proficiency.

We purpose built our bases since day one to accommodate USPSA targets because we believe they are also an important part of training. The big benefit here is you save money now, and you can focus more on training. Should you decide you want a steel target later, you already have a base. All you would need to do is get an A-DAP top bracket HERE and then choose your target plate HERE.

This package includes:

  • (ONE) Gen 2 20″ base with all necessary hardware and (2) paper holders
  • (one) Pack of 50 USPSA OFFICIAL cardboard targets

Shipping is calculated and charged at checkout. Note: This order will ship in (one) 24X24X6 box and (one) 30X20X6 box.

Purchase a Steel Target Base and 50 Pack of USPSA Cardboard Kit HERE and get ONE free ounce of .9999 silver for FREE. While supplies last.


Target Base and USPSA Targets

Target Base and USPSA Targets package saves you money and gets you the tools you need to train now. We know that our economy and our world is crazy, but it is more important now than ever to continue training. Our objective is to connect our customers and supporters with the very best US manufactured products possible. From steel targets, to bases, cardboard targets and other components: Our commitment is systems built for your life.

Cardboard targets and our bases

Since the beginning, we have built our 20″ round bases to accept 1X2 furring strips for mounting cardboard targets. Recently, we released our second generation of this base which features removable paper holders. These paper holders are sized a bit larger to accommodate more wood sizes. We continue to innovate our systems to keep your training moving forward.

More than a steel target company:

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