Target & Base Springtime Hardware kit


Lead Time on this product: 1 - 5 Business days


A VERY cost effective way to get your bases and target plates back in action.

These springtime hardware kits include EVERYTHING needed to rebuild your Gen 1 20″ base (with welded paper holders) AND your steel target plate. You can choose from the drop down options to get the kit specifically designed for your target system.

Kits available:
  • Mini A-DAP & C Zone target & base rebuild kit
  • Mini Vital Zone & Vital Zone target & base rebuild kit

Each kit comes with EXACTLY what you need to replace ALL the hardware for your system. Note: The C Zone and Reduced C Zone (Mini A-DAP) share the same hardware kit. Likewise, the Mini Vital Zone and Vital Zone share the same hardware kits. Simply select which kit you need, and check out. We’ll ship these kits out fast and get your systems back in action.

Hardware kits include:

  • Thumb screws for your base
  • Replacement “slip fit” paper holders for 1X2 furring strips
  • Clevis Pin and clip
  • Spacers (for Mini Vital Zone and Vital Zone)
  • Grade 8 carriage bolts
  • Nuts and Washers

The kits do NOT include the angles or top bracket. You can purchase these separately HERE.


Your Steel Targets Need Properly Maintained

Target & Base Springtime Hardware kit helps you do just that! This simple kit installs easily with a 3/4″ wrench in minutes, and completely rebuilds your target plate AND base. If you are running our Gen 1 base (with welded paper holders), this kit includes NEW paper holders. The new paper holders simply slip into position behind your old, damaged ones. This gets your base back into action. Focus more on training, less on broken components.

Steel target systems have a lifespan

While this is true, our Target & Base Springtime Hardware kit makes sure that you see the MAXIMUM life out of your system! You don’t drive your car without ever changing the oil. Don’t run your system into the ground. Keep it fresh and ready to rock. The world around us is crumbling. Stay up on your training, maintain focus.

Included in each kit:
  • (2) Grade 8 Carriage Bolts
  • (2) 1/2″ Flat Washers
  • (One) Clevis Pin (short for C Zone and Reduced C Zone, Long for Mini Vital and Vital Zone)
  • (One) Clevis Pin Clip
  • (TWO) Stainless steel spacers (for Mini Vital and Vital Zone)
  • (One) 1.5″ Thumb Screw (for rear of 2X4 tube)
  • (One) 1″ Thumb Screw (for side of 2X4 tube)
  • (Two) mechanical lock nuts (install with a 3/4″ or 19mm socket or open wrench)
  • (Two) slip fit paper holders to repair damaged paper holder tubes

The Steel Target & Base Springtime Hardware kit does NOT include any target plates, replacement paddles, or bases. You can find all these components HERE.