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The Nomad Cooking Skillet


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The Nomad Cooking Grate is an awesome accessory for anyone looking to create even more functionality from their Nomad Firebox. One Grate covers half of a nomad. This is NOT an entire Nomad firebox, this is just the grate to cover half of the top (buy two if you want complete coverage).


The Nomad cooking skillet is an awesome accessory for any design of our Nomad Fireboxes. This grate is manufactured from a solid piece of 1/4″ Thick Mild Steel. Note that this skillet is NOT seasoned or coated. We highly recommend oiling and burning in the skillet during the first use. After that, we recommend storing indoors to avoid rusting. The rest of the firebox can be allowed to patina, however the skillet should be cleaned and kept free of rust or blemishes. Use common sense here, keep it clean, keep it out of rain and it will serve you well. The Nomad Cooking skillet offers an elegant yet rugged outdoor cooking experience. Treat yourself to the aroma of wood smoke and the crackle of the fire this year.


Our Legacy Fireboxes are a popular option for folks looking for an elegant fire pit that will serve them for years to come. The Cooking Grate is an exceptional accessory for anyone looking to do more cooking with their Legacy Firebox.

⁠— Skillet is manufactured from a solid piece of 1/4″ Mild steel which resists warping and offers and extremely long life
⁠— This grate fits all models of the Nomad Firebox even those from many years ago
⁠— Skillet features integrated handles. On that note: still be EXTREMELY careful when handling this skillet. ALWAYS assume it is hot! Use oven mitts or gloves when handling, do NOT set where kids or adults could accidentally touch.
⁠— Elegant feature for your Nomad Firebox⁠
⁠— We recommend stoking your fire and letting it simmer down prior to cooking.
⁠— Skillet rests in half circle recesses on all four sides of the Nomad
⁠— One Skillet covers HALF of a Nomad firebox. If you would like to cover the entire top, you will need to order two. OR consider our skillet top on one half, grate on the other. This offers maximum versatility.


**We Currently do not offer custom Designs for Fireboxes**

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