The Nomad – Firebox

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Lead Time on this product: Approximately 5-10 days

Note: This is a CLOSEOUT of this product. Once sold out, this product will be discontinued. Available until stock is depleted. Save money on an epic Firebox for your backyard or patio set. (Cannot be combined with other offers or codes)

The Nomad, part of our legacy Fire Box collection.

The nomad is a campfire/cooking fire box that contains burnables and offers a beautiful center piece to gather and spend time with loved ones. We took care in the creation of the Firebox and made sure to design it in an elegant, easy to assemble way.

A few key notes about the Nomad Firebox:

Our fireboxes are made from 3/16″ steel for the sides and 1/4″ thick steel for the bottom and the grates and skillets. The market is full of fire boxes that are made from thin materials and this leads to warping and premature failure. Nothing looks worse than your firebox falling apart after one season of use.

We call these products Legacy Fireboxes for a reason. They are built solid, and built to last.


The Nomad Firebox is perfect for anyone who values spending time in nature around a fire. There is something so primitive yet so perfect about having those you love around a central fire feature. Time around a campfire is time well spent.

The Nomad Firebox is designed to keep fire off the ground and contained in an elegant design that looks good and is packed with function. The legs and upper sides are 3/16″ steel and the bottom that supports the burning wood is 1/4″ steel. This eliminates warping and creates a stable, functional platform to burn fires for years to come. Optional cooking skillets and grates can be purchased as well.

We ship the Nomad in an unfinished form. Let it patina, or spray it with some high temp paint, or rub it with cooking oil the first few uses. The Nomad ages perfectly and will accent any patio or outdoor setting.

The Nomad Firebox is also designed to pack down easily and quickly. Leave it set up year round, pack it into your RV, or put it away after each use. The Firebox will serve you no matter how you use it or where you use it.

  • ⁠Fully supported bottom: Keeps fire and hot embers off the ground ⁠
  • Collapsible: Designed for the constant traveler
  • Sides are 3/16” Mild Steel, the Bottom is 1/4” Mild steel, and has holes to allow proper air flow.
  • This model is perfect for places where a fire burning directly on the ground is less than ideal
  • Current Designs: Eastern Woods (Bear, Turkey, Deer with Antlers, Mountainside), Patriotic (Eagle, Crossed Muskets, Let Freedom Ring, 13 Colonies Flag), and Warrior Poet Society logos (all four sides have the WPS logo)
    • When you purchase the WPS version, you support WPS AND our team! That’s pretty rad.
  • Optional Cooking Grate and Cooking Skillet (highly recommended! Add in the options above)
  • Ships unpainted. See FAQ’s for how to “finish” the Nomad
  • Manufactured here in Pennsylvania by our team. Support small US businesses instead of “made in China” big box store fire boxes!
  • Elegant design compliments any setting, regardless of style

Frequently asked Questions: 

1.) Do we offer custom fireboxes? Answer: At the moment, no. We do not offer custom fireboxes. Available designed are listed on our site as well as www.warriorpoetsupplyco.com. Definitely check out the warrior poet society version of our firebox!

2.) Will this firebox rust? Answer: Simply put, if you do nothing to the firebox it will rust. It is made from mild steel and shipped unfinished. If you do nothing, it will create a layer of surface rust, which actually looks amazing. Some people LOVE leaving their fireboxes to build up this surface rust. It will not rust through, it does not affect the performance.

3.) I don’t want the firebox to rust, what can I do? Answer: the best option is to either paint the firebox at first setup, or oil rub the firebox. If you opt to paint, use a high temp grill paint and spray before first use. Touch up as needed. Another amazing option (which looks amazing) is to oil rub the firebox. To do this, you need to light a pretty big fire, get the sides and legs very hot. Use cooking oil spray or thick gloves and a rag impregnated with vegetable oil and rub down the entire firebox while hot. Do this a few times and the oil will be trapped in the pores of the metal as it cools. This offers long term protection and leaves a rustic look. This is our preferred method. Just be careful, ANY time a fire is in the firebox, ALL parts of the firebox will be hot!

4.) Approximately how big is the Nomad Firebox? Answer: The Nomad measures approximately 24″ corner to corner. Big enough for 4-8 people to sit around and feel heat from the fire. For a larger firebox, consider the Octagon Fire Box we built in partnership with Warrior Poet Society. Find that HERE.

5.) How heavy is the Nomad when assembled? Answer: This version of our Fire Box weighs approximately 75 pounds fully assembled. Not a light weight by any means, but that’s good! It will last you forever.

6.) What considerations should I have when cooking on the Fire Boxes? Answer: The cooking Grate and Skillet are optional components that we highly recommend. Just keep in mind, cooking over fires requires some caution and care. Obviously make sure your cooking grates and skillet are clean. Before and after EACH use, you MUST scrub down AND oil the cooking grate and skillet. You need to do this to avoid rusting. Rust and food is…not good. Treat the skillet and grate like cast iron. If you have not cooked with cast iron, do some research. It takes a bit of extra preparation and care but the end results are excellent. Contact us if you have questions BEFORE use.

7.) Do I need tools to assemble this Fire Box? Answer: No. Included in the packaging will be all pieces of the firebox and they simply link together. No tools needed ever.


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  1. Mickey Schuch

    Fire Box

    “I have several other items from TATARGETS, all are built with care, and an eye for detail. The new Fire Box is no different.
    It arrived right away and upon unboxing, which only took about 30 seconds, I assembled it in a snap with no instructions needed. Super cool and intuitive design
    The Fire Box is a handsome addition to our back yard and I look forward to many years of family fires around it.
    -Mickey Schuch