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The Ultimate Bridged Night Vision Setup


Lead Time on this product: 1 - 4 weeks (dependent on options chosen)


This is the ultimate night vision Setup for folks looking to bridge units for maximum adaptability. Curated from components that we believe to be some of the best in the world. While this load out may not be for everyone, it will suit certain people perfectly. Inside of this kit are the following items:

  • PanoBridge
  • Norotos Lo Sto dovetail mount
  • DBAL-A3
  • Choice of:
    • iRay MH25 640×480 core Thermal Monocular
    • PVS-14 with Photonis Echo MIN 1800 FOM white phosphor tube
  • $150 Credit towards steel target systems & Shipping of systems (*Note: We will apply $150 to your store account after purchase*)

Choose to run dual MH25 thermal units, Dual PVS-14’s, or One PVS-14 and one MH25. If you choose to order two MH25’s, we included the extra necessary rail mount for FREE ($35.00 value). The Panobridge only ships with ONE Mini rail mount to attach MH25’s.

Our personal favorite way to run this setup is with one PVS14 and one MH25. Typically we use the PVS14 for navigation and movement and shooting either passively or with optics. We use the MH25 for scanning and immediate clearing and/or target identification. This couples the best of all things night vision into one package.


This is THE ultimate night vision load out for folks looking to bridge units. We don’t say that lightly. While, this kit may not be for everyone, but in the right applications, this setup rules.

A little bit about this package:

Inside of this package we are setting you up with products at a discount bundle. To further sweeten the deal, we will add a $150 store credit that can be applied to steel targets. This package is all about connecting people to the best quality gear at the best price we are able to offer.

The biggest question folks will need to answer is whether they want to run a PVS14 and one MH 25, dual MH25’s, or a single PVS-14 and a single MH25. If you have ANY questions about availability of this package or questions about the function of these systems, please email us. We would be happy to answer your questions.

Nightvision gear is a huge investment. We understand the confusion and pressure, especially as you first get into nigh vision or thermal. Let us help you make a solid decision. If that means directing you away from us, so be it. Our interest is equipping the populace with quality gear and quality training.

Specifications of this package:

  • DBAL-A3 consumer legal laser aiming device. This device features green visible laser slaved to consumer legal IR laser. This device also features IR illuminator that has adjustable focus.
  • Panobridge. The Panobridge can be used to bridge two PVS-14’s. Or run one PVS-14 and one MH25 thermal (our preferred choice)
  • Norotos Lo Sto mount. Ultra light weight mount will work with most common bump or ballistic helmets. This mount has a dove tail receiver that works with the PanoBridge
  • Your Choice of 1 or 2 PVS-14’s. These are quick ship units built up from Photonis Echo 1800 MIN FOM tubes. These are white phosphor tubes. Perfect balance of performance and cost. Fast auto gating, brilliantly clear images, manual gain, and more.
  • Your Choice of 1 or 2 MH25’s. Running Dual MH25’s is very possible on the panobridge. You WILL feel like the apex predator you are destined to be.
  • Optional PVS-14 eye pieces for the MH25. *Note: These are HIGHLY recommended. They are built to order and may take some time. Please keep this in mind. They are custom modified PVS14 eye pieces. You cannot simply purchase PVS14 eye pieces and install*


Frequently Asked Questions: 

1.) Should I run dual PVS-14’s on my panobridge? We have seen mixed results with people doing this. While you can effectively build out binocular nightvision this way, in most cases it makes more sense to have us build up a BNVD for you. Some people don’t mind rocking two PVS-14’s on a bridge. Usually the folks that have issues are running units with largely different tube specs. When purchasing from us with two PVS-14’s, we will spec the tubes to match as closely as possible, reducing the fatigue you may experience running the PanoBridge.

2.) How is it running dual thermal? It is a radically different experience. This works well for some folks, for others not as much. It depends on preferences and facial build/eye distance/shape. The MH25 can be set to a “helmet mode” which does help. It also helps to use the PVS-14 Eye pieces. When running with a PVS14 or running dual units, we highly recommend adding the PVS-14 eye pieces. They are not 100% necessary, but make it a much better experience all around.

3.) Are Photonis tubes good? Photonis Echo tubes are a fantastic option and are very budget friendly. They get a bad rap online by internet commandos and people with confirmation bias because they spent too much on their nightvision or waited too long to get it. Photonis has arguably the fastest auto gating in the field. They also have the highest clarity typically in brighter conditions (think moonlight, start light, urban situations). They do not have the gain levels of L3 or Elbit, but we have not seen a situation where the Photonis would not work.

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