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USPSA Targets, Target Stand, PACT Shot Timer Package


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This USPSA cardboard target, stand and PACT timer package is all about getting you the foundational tools you need to train well on the range. No fancy stuff here. Just our epic 20″ round base, a pack of 30 USPSA cardboard targets and our favorite shot timer: the PACT Club Timer III. This kit will help you save some money and invest in tools that you need now. Later down the road, upgrade your base and add an A-DAP Top Bracket as well as any of our A-DAP Target Plates to build out your own system.


This package includes the following:

(One) 20″ Round base. This base will accept 1X2 furring strips for hanging your USPSA cardboard targets

(one) pack of 30 USPSA cardboard targets

The combination of our insanely stable 20 inch round base as well as the cardboard means that you will be able to work static, low round count drills and move onto transitions, movement, and different barricade drills. This package will work to assist in developing solid fundamentals.

Less mag dumps. More purposeful practice in pursuit of higher standards of performance. This is the way.


Target Type USPSA Cardboard Targets (Approved spec)
Base Steel Grade Mild Steel Round Base
Base Finish Painted Tan, Factory color
Shot Timer PACT Club Timer III included


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