Mini Vital and Vital Full Hardware Kit


Lead Time on this product: 1 - 10 Business Days


Our Mini Vital Zone and Vital Zone Steel Targets require more hardware than our typical A-DAP systems. The Clevis pin is a bit different, and there are spacers to keep the target plate centered up.

If you have damaged your Vital Zone or Mini Vital Zone hardware, this is the kit to get back into action.

You can find our Mini Vital and Vital Zone here.


Keeping up with your Mini Vital and Vital Zone maintenance is important. This kit will keep your systems running for more focused range use.

What is included in the kit:

  • (one) 1/2″X5″ Clevis Pin
  • (one) Hairpin Clip for Clevis Pin
  • (2) Bronze or Stainless Steel Spacers (Material may vary due to supply chain shortages)
  • (2) Grade 8 carriage bolts
  • (2) Lock Nuts
  • (2) 1/2″ Flat Washers
  • (one) 3/8″X1″ Thumb Screw
  • (one) 3/8″X1.5″ Thumb Screw