Stop, Drop, Bang. Community Drill/Challenge

  • April 28, 2022
  • By Jared Daub
Our Team is about community and challenging each other to become better assets for ourselves and others. Welcome to the Stop Drop Bang Challenge!

This drill is very simple and it exercises a few fundamentals that are important. The tool to use for this drill is a modern fighting rifle of any flavor. There are no rules about calibers, barrel length, or optics used. Simply use the rifle that you call your defensive rifle.

The objective of this drill is to also engage the community in a fun, challenging shooting drill. Make sure you record your run and post to instagram. We will be looking for the top 3 highest hit factors to win some epic prizes.

Here is a photo of the drill:

You will need the following tools:

  • Modern Rifle
  • 9 Rounds of ammunition
  • Shot timer of some sort
  • One of our 20″ round bases or another way to hang your paper target
  • Download the Stop Drop Bang Drill HERE and print it out
  • Marker
  • Phone and calculator app

The Distance of the drill is 50 yards. Here is how the drill works:

1.) At 50 yards, stand with the rifle at a high ready/high hold.

2.) On the shot timer beep, push rifle out and fire (3) THREE rounds on the larger 6″ Circle

3.) As soon as you fire 3 rounds, put rifle back on safety, drop down to a prone position. There are no rules here. Get to prone as quickly and safely as possible. Use a bipod if you think it will make up for the time deploying the bipod, or don’t. Increase magnification on your optic if you have that ability, or don’t. This is all about you knowing your rifle.

4.) Once in the prone position, fire 6 rounds into the small circle.

5.) Walk downrange and score your run. Each successful hit FULLY inside the grey circles equals 5 points. MAXIMUM points will be 45 points (9 rounds, 5 points each). Add up total successful hits.

6.) Write down total score, take note of total time for run and write that as well. The next step is calculating hit factor. Take your TOTAL points and DIVIDE by the total run time. For example: If you score 45 points and it takes you 9 seconds, your hit factor will be 5. 42 points in 20 seconds would be a hit factor of 2.1. Hit factor can be defined as points PER second. Higher hit factors = better balance of speed AND accuracy.


The Stop Drop Bang drill is all about engaging you, the community. It is a simple drill but works many quality fundamentals. We encourage ANYONE to run this drill, regardless of how your rifle is setup. Get engaged, post your run on instagram.


1.) First prize for the highest hit factor:

  • Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8 FFP Scope
  • Vortex Cantilever Mount
  • 50 Pack of our USPSA Targets
  • Mini A-DAP system (complete)
  • PACT shot timer

2.) Second and Third highest hit factors:

  • 50 pack of USPSA cardboard
  • 20″ round base
  • PACT Shot Timer

Note: Last day to enter is May 31, 2022. Picking winners is at our discretion. Our decision is final and non-negotiable. No purchase necessary to enter. Downloading the target file is FREE. Download it HERE.