Tactical Targets: Why Shoot Steel?

  • August 3, 2017
  • By tatargets

My perfect day, although consisting of many things, at some point consists of me driving to the shooting range. I envision myself driving up in my Jeep, putting the parking brake on, shutting the motor off, and unloading my gear. I see myself loading my mags with some fresh 115 grain 9mm rounds, and holstering my firearm. I step up to the 10 yard line, tap the button on the shot timer, anxiously waiting for the “beep”. I see my draw, I begin to press on my trigger as my sights line up on one of our steel targets, and I break the shot. I see the slide shoved rearward from the force of the explosion, loading another round into the chamber as it returns to battery, ready to send the next round downrange upon my command. 

When I speak to a potential customer, whether at a show, event, or even an office phone call, typically there are several questions that come to mind. One of the first and most basic questions all shooters may, at some point, examine is “why should I shoot steel targets?” I am going to dig into that a little bit in this post.

The first thing that I want to lay out as a foundation, if you will, is that not every shooter is the same. We all enjoy the shooting sports for different reasons. For some, they simply wish to enjoy the outdoors and spend most of their time hunting. Others want to train to better their skills so they can effectively protect their families. Others yet may enjoy firearms for recreation, some push their training for competitions. Regardless of why we shoot, we can all enjoy the benefits that steel targets offer.

Check out this video from our YouTube page where we discussed a few good reasons why everyone should be using steel targets:

Immediate audible feedback, movement confirming successful hits, generally low maintenance, and long service life all add up to an incredible training tool. As shooters progress through their own shooting journeys, they can implement steel targets into their shooting to help program their muscle memory and speed up their training.

To wrap it all up, steel targets are not just for those folks looking to train on tactics and gun fighting. They are equally important to the backyard shooter who simply enjoys time on the range on a Sunday afternoon with their family. I have seen so many people learn so much from shooting high quality steel targets, and the fun factor is unlike anything else.

If you are in the market for steel targets, we hope you give us a shot! (pun intended) We have an extensive lineup that is growing constantly as we innovate and create new designs and prototypes. Go check out our FacebookYouTube, and Instagram pages to keep up to speed and subscribe to our email newsletters to get special deals and new product releases.

In the coming blog posts we will discuss steel targets and safety, some rifle and pistol builds, and we will cover some of our newer targets and systems that we released over the last year. Stay tuned!