Tatargets @ Iv8888 Range Day 2019!

  • November 1, 2019
  • By tatargets

Hello TA family!

Coming to you today to give you a recap of Jared and I’s time at this year’s Iraq Veterans IV8888 Range Day weekend! The event happened to pour all day on Saturday but that didn’t stop us from getting content for Ta and our own personal brands as well!

Jared and I started our trip off at Harrisburg Airport then flew to North Carolina for a connecting flight and met up with our friends from NeoMag, Graig Davis and Dusty Ball to travel the rest of the voyage with.

When we arrived at the event we got settled in our cabin and made our way to dinner which was incredible to say the least. We were all so hungry neither Jared or I snapped any photos the epic display of shrimp, keibalsa, corn or potatoes. The food was presented in a framed out box with 2×4’s and just mounded in there for you to take as much as you would like! They had homemade sweet tea and lemonade with brews to sip on and enjoy as well.

After we all filled up our stomachs we mingled around at the few stands that were up and got to talk to various companies and make new friends and reconnect with old ones! Another crowd favorite was the ax throwing board! Here is Dusty Ball conquering the board and showing us what good form looks like!

There were so many companies that turned out for the event! The rain may have hindered attendance slightly but overall it was still a good turnout. The biggest challenge for Jared and I was keeping moisture out of our cameras as there was a light and by times heavy rain the whole day on Saturday.

One of the many companies we were able to connect with and have some very good conversations with about our product as well as what they had all brought was Century Arms. They brought along various AK-47 platforms and they are also the US distributor for Canik Arms.

They brought along some very nice Caniks including this new sub-compact 9mm with a Shield Sites RMS on it. Jared was featured here landing shots on target at 175 yds, it seriously was a epic gun to handle!

Another Company we were able to talk with and get our hands on there firearms was Devil Dog Arms. Jared got to shoot their bolt rifle featured here. The craftsmanship of it really stood out to me from the hard definite lines of the rifle really made it stand out to me! It looked amazing and shot amazing (according to Jared!)

We were also able to get our hands on their 1911’s, they offer various sizes and a tactical and non- tactical version of each platform. The tactical version is essentially a bottom pictanny rail to add a flashlight to add functionally! Here’s a few snap shots of these beauties.

I have held a small selection of 1911’s in my day, although when handling and shooting these pistol’s myself I was astounded! The grip angle’s are angled up which dig into your hand during recoil helping you manage it so well especially with the 45acp! It also just made it a super comfortable gun to hold, we were landing on target at 100yds with no problem!

Now being a food enthusiast the event did not disappoint in the slightest! The food was catered by Will Beattie and his company Bear Creek Cattle.

The Burgers were absolutely mouth watering as well as the sausage they served on Sunday! It was great getting to talk to Will and hear his story about his ranch and how he raises the cattle and helps out events like this with selective catering. It was nice to know that what we were eating was raised correctly and provided us with proper nutrition!

Two photographers who I looked up to for a long time are Justin Holt and Jonny Primer . It was amazing meeting them in person and sharing conversations with them!

Justin brought out a epic .22 bolt rifle that was landing hits out to 500 yrds. It was a great experience getting behind his rifle and landing a few hits myself as he watched for hits with his Vortex Razor 4000 rangefinder! I also got to shoot 1000 yrds  from a 6.5 creedmore while I was at the event. I hope to learn and dial in the settings to make the hit myself someday. It is an epic feeling making that hit and it would be even more epic knowing I did all the adjustments prior. Here’s Justin ejecting a shell while staying in focus on his target as well as one of him sighting in his shot!

Jonny Primer also brought out some epic artillery sporting his Single Shot .357mag Henry Repeating Arms suppressed rifle. He has it cut down to 16in and threaded for a 3- lug as well as was rocking a Holosun reddot on top of this rifle. Reminded me of a gun I would have built in Fallout 3!

We stopped by Elevated Silence as well who were showcasing their suppressors. I didn’t get the opportunity to run any rounds through their cans but from what the rep was saying they have created a unique suppressor. One that  doesn’t shift the bullets point of impact. Has great decibel reduction. As well as creates minimal gas blowback. Their suppressors also work well across all platforms and calibers. There “Evolution” suppressor in burnt titanium looked beautiful on the rifle they had on display! Take a look at this work of art!

Last but not least I want to highlight who Jared and I personally bunked with during the event which was the crew from NeoMag. Graig Davis the mastermind behind the two product shown below: the NeoMag and the Sentry Strap. And we can’t forget Dusty Graigs right hand man who is a literal genius and is always coming up with innovative input to further the company!

The NeoMag is a innovative way to carry a spare magazine for your pistol. The clip slides onto your pocket and you stick a magazine on it the magnet holds onto the mag and it’s a fast low- profile way to access a spare mag in a pinch!

The Sentry Strap is for your carbine, securing your sling so its not all over the place when you don’t need it but also giving quick rapid access to it when you do by just a swift pulling out on your sling! Both inventions that have took the firearms industry by storm! Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

On a non- product note, it truly was a pleasure getting to spend quality time with them sharing good conversations and having deep thought provoking talks as well. I look forward to the next time I get to spend time with them!

And let’s just say the event ended with a……BANG!

It was awesome to end the event with bang as they set tannerite out and set it off ending the event very dynamically to say the least! Jared and I had a blast as well, the rain for sure created some challenges as both our cameras reached their threshold and it was a struggle to stay dry. We got to connect with old friends make new ones and talk with and network with so many companies that we hope to continue to build friendships as well as working relationships together. One of the main goals in going to events like these other than representing the best target systems on the market, is to connect and align ourselves with other companies making waves in the industry. In short we here at TA believe that:

                   “WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS.”

—Robert Ingersoll


Thanks for tuning into and making it all the way to the end of the article! Hopefully this opened your eyes to some companies we’re excited about and gave you a look into the 7th annual Iv8888 Range Day! Hopefully Jared and I can head back down next year and catch up with old friends and make lots of new ones!


Have a wonderful week! And don’t forget……. “LET FREEDOM RING“!