Emily Martin

  • November 11, 2019
  • By tatargets

After growing up under the same roof as founding member of the team, Ethan, Emily discovered at  very young age that guys have more fun and drama is overrated. Emily is the Administrative Assistant and Executive Accounts Manager for TATargets. She recently joined the team in January of 2020 and adds to the family team dynamic as the daughter of Kirby, and sister of Ethan. Emily began in her first career as a Certified Veterinary Technician and worked in various aspects of that field for 3 years. She then left the often chaotic world of Veterinary Medicine to pursue a more stable and calm work environment and wound up joining the family business. She is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys trips to the cabin, hunting, hiking and shooting sports. She especially enjoys long range shooting with her 300 Winchester Short Mag. Her favorite hunting memory is traveling to Alberta, Canada, and harvesting a black bear with her cross-bow.  She values the training experiences she has had, especially her experience with Carry Trainer. Emily and her husband Scott love being an Aunt and Uncle to Ethan’s three little boys and they especially enjoy winding the kids up and sending them home to their Mom and Dad. Emily hopes to help the TATargets team grow to its highest potential and is excited to see where the journey leads!