The NEW Arachnid | Armored Base System from TA Targets

  • August 30, 2019
  • By tatargets

The Arachnid | Armored Base System.

We are extremely excited to introduce our next evolution of our steel target lineup: The Arachnid Armored Base!

Since the day we incorporated and started building out our lineup we have had a commitment to producing the highest quality steel targets built specifically for people who train to protect those they love. We know how vitally important it is to have gear that works and offers continued value long after the purchase has occurred. We’ve said it before and we will say it again: The steel target market has let us down. For over 20 years the innovation has been slow, the products repetitive. We are committed to growing our brand and expanding our mission so that we can help you become better defenders.

Enter: The Arachnid.

While we truly love our 20” and 26” round bases, and we don’t plan on those going anywhere, we knew there was a need for a collapsible and ultra portable target base for our systems. We set out to develop what became the Arachnid at the beginning of 2018. For over a year we designed, re-designed, scrapped ideas, started new, and ultimately ended up here. It was a long process and some people may say “why did it take SO long?” The simple fact is we wanted this base to be as PERFECT as possible. We are not so naive to believe that we will ever make anything so perfect that it will never need to evolve, but we wanted the Arachnid to be as close to perfection as possible.

On the left (above) you can see how small the arachnid packs down. We have strategically built the Arachnid to have a footprint almost as big as our 26” base, but in a package that breaks down smaller than our 20” base that everyone has come to know and love. See below image for a comparison of all three styles of bases:

The bottom left is our 26” base which is used for our Goliath target, Phoenix Plate Rack, Rifle Dueling Tree, and our Animal Target systems. The lower right is the standard 20” base we have offered for 4 years with most of our systems. Upper right is an Arachnid fully assembled. The upper left shows an Arachnid packed and ready for shipping to you or transport to and from your range. Pretty awesome in our opinion and we are extremely proud of this base evolution.

Besides being collapsible, the base features an armored front shield. We make the front shield out of 1/4” AR500 steel. While we obviously didn’t build the base to be intentionally shot, this AR500 will protect the paper holders and 2×4 tube from low hits, especially with new handgun shooters. Low hits will happen at times, now your investment is more protected than ever. If you lose one of your paper holders for 1×2 furring strips, no worries. They are replaceable. This base can be assembled in under a minute with ZERO tools. That’s awesome.

The base components simply lock together. Gravity holds everything together and two clevis pins can be inserted in front of the front shield, and behind the rear shield to hold the pieces together while moving targets around the range.

The Arachnid features all of the same traits as the 20” round base that came before it, but it offers even more value to those who choose to purchase it. The 8 legs dig into the ground and offer an insanely stable platform, even on varying terrain. Simply use your foot, give it a good push and the legs will dig into the ground effectively planting your A-DAP system. Who is the Arachnid designed for? There are a few things that would tell me a person should get the Arachnid over the 20” base. If you have a compact vehicle, travel a lot for shooting, often shoot with new shooters (who may pull shots low), or simply like the aggressive nature of the Arachnid, then definitely you will see value in this base. It is a little more expensive than the 20” base, but with more features we know you will be extremely pleased with your purchase.


If you own your own land, are on a tighter budget, or own a full size truck then the 20” bases will be perfectly fine for you.

Another cool note is the Arachnid fits in a flat rate box. With that being said, we get better rates typically through UPS or Fedex for most orders AND we can use better, stronger boxes with these two shipping companies. USPS boxes are really not designed for the weight we are shipping. BUT we will be able to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico via flat rate soon. Keep your eyes open and we will update as we go.

We realize this was a super quick run through of the base. Stay tuned as we release more content here and on our social pages going forward. In the meantime, take a look at our YouTube video on the Arachnid Here:

Thank you all for your continued support. We look forward to continuing our quest to provide you all the tools you need to protect your loved ones better and become better, more well rounded marksmen and women.