The President’s build: Hybrid 9mm pistol build

  • September 15, 2017
  • By tatargets

If you follow our pages on the social interwebs you may have seen us talking about posting up some blogs about our personal carbine/pistol builds and why we built them the way we did. We want to do this for a few reasons: 1.) because we are truly passionate about firearms and the firearms community 2.) we constantly are testing our new products, therefore we are constantly building new rifles, carbines, pistols, etc. 3.) we want TAT to remain a personal company that people can relate to. We are the same as you, we have our own hobbies and passions just like everyone else. With that being said, I sat down with Kirby, the President of Tatargets to discuss his latest pistol “carbine” build. Here’s a few pictures to get everyone up to speed before we dig into the details.

Jared: Kirby, many people have seen your cool little 9mm build already, so lets get into what you used for the build.

I started with Angstadt Arms lower because they have the last round bolt hold open feature. Then I picked up a Rainier upper because it would work well with the bolt assembly I wanted. I used a Faxon 8.5” 9mm barrel with no gas port. The primary reason I used this barrel is because it has a tapered flair going into the chamber. That will allow all kinds of bullets to feed in freely without jamming. I used a CMC single stage 4.5 lb. trigger because that what I have on all my rifles. I picked up a Dead Foot Arms folding stock with their patented bolt carrier group that allows running the rifle in semiautomatic with the stock folded. Everything else on the market is single shot only until you open the stock. I used a Fab Defense pistol grip because it fits my hand comfortably and a provides a firm grip even when wet. I used a Shockwave Blade Pistol Stabilizer for its low weight and slim profile. I then dressed the barrel with a Kaw Valley KVP handguard, because it’s light weight, and a Kaw Valley Linear compensator to push all the muzzle blast away from the shooter. I topped it off with an EOTech because I had it laying around not is use.”

Ok so the cat’s out of the bag now, you chose a 9mm for this build. What made you decide to go that route, and what was your reasoning? Why not just build another 223?

There are several reasons. I carry a 9mm Glock so I always have that ammo and magazines with me. I got the Angstead arms lower that receives the Glock magazines so they are interchangeable with my handgun. Angstadt also has the last round bolt hold open feature that many 9mm carbines will not do. I liked that. The ammo is cheaper then 223 for range days and it’s just a flat out fun little gun to shoot.

What parts have you added to this build/what modifications have you done that make this build unique?

The muzzle break, by Kaw Valley is designed to push all the blast forward, away from the shooter. With a short 8.5” barrel, it really makes it a comfortable gun to shoot. I did some research on how barrel length improves the velocity of 9mm bullets. It varies greatly between different loads from different ammo manufactures but it seems like after 8” to 9”, there were diminishing gains in velocity. So in the tradeoff between maneuverability of the weapon, and bullet velocity, 8.5” was the sweet spot for me.

Do you plan on changing anything in the near future? 

No plans yet, but the more I shoot it, I’m sure I’ll find something I will want to tinker with.

What do you plan on using your 9mm build for?

Other than range days, it’s going to be my back up gun that’s never too far away.

Anything else to add about your build?

Just that sweet looking Cerakote job by Jared (VP of Design, @Keystonecarry). (Colors are Desert Tan and Milspec Green Cerakote)

(On a side note, that Deadfoot arms folder works like a charm. Shooting a 9mm build from the folded position is smooth and addicting!)

-Kirby Sensenig is President of Tactical AR500 Targets inc. He is also president of his family company, which has been in business for almost 60 years, Richard L. Sensenig Company.