The Raven Target System

  • November 24, 2020
  • By Jared Daub

The Raven Target System:

Two companies: One Joint Mission. Introducing the Raven Steel Target System.


The Raven Target System originated from the mind of John Lovell, its creator. John had a mission to create a steel target system that simply worked differently. He needed a steel target system that was simple yet robust. He needed a system that required no tools and no boards to assemble. Unload, set up, shoot. Keep it simple. What came from his imagination ultimately became arguably one of the most unique steel target systems available. It’s one thing to imagine something, it is another to bring it to life. That’s where we come in.

The Raven Target System has no doubt raised some questions among our followers. For a period of time the Raven was only available over at the WPS website (www.warriorpoetsupplyco.com). Our followers noticed that we were producing the Raven but we weren’t really advertising it. Many people found out that we were producing it for John and his team, so what gives? Why would we want to team up with WPS on a product so vastly different than anything currently in our lineup? You just nailed it. It is vastly different than anything else we offer so it fills in certain roles extremely well. With that being said, let’s dive into the “why” behind the partnership.


“The Raven Target System originated from the mind of John Lovell, its creator. John had a mission to create a steel target system that simply worked differently.”


As I already stated, the Raven Target is a partnership between Warrior Poet Society and our team here at TA Targets. The Raven can be found on the WPS website as well as ours. We teamed up with John Lovell because we not only believe in the product, but we strongly support the movement John has created. His mission to equip citizens with information, entertainment, skillsets and applicable training is impressive. We are honored to play a piece of that role. A question we have been asked is: “doesn’t the Raven compete with what you already offer?” To answer that in short form: No, we don’t think it does. How can that be? To put it simply as we already stated: We believe in the product and the team behind the product. We believe it fills the role of highly portable steel target system well. Ultimately when you support WPS by purchasing a Raven, you also support TA. And Vice Versa. It is a symbiotic relationship between two companies who want to see normal people armed with skills that could quite literally one day save their life. The Raven isn’t a competition, it is a partnership. WPS needed to partner up with a team who could produce the Raven to exacting standards using only the highest quality materials. WPS is known for representing higher quality products, the Raven is no different. They needed someone who knows steel, uses only the highest quality AR550 steel, someone with a reputation for outstanding business in the industry. Sound familiar?  Now you know the “why” behind the partnership, let’s figure out who the Raven is for.

The Raven Target System is built first and foremost to be ultra-portable. It consists of only 3 pieces and requires no wood or tools to set up. It is immediately clear that the Raven offers a distinct advantage to folks who prioritize fast range setup with minimal components. The Raven can be set up in less than a minute. Couple the fast setup time with the fact that it features an insanely small footprint and you have a winner for folks who’s first priority is east of install and portability. The Raven features our legendary air cooled AR550 steel. The legs of the Raven are made from 1/4″ AR500 steel to balance strength with cost. The Raven AR550 Steel Target features an aggressive stance and forward lean. The plate offers a target area of approximately 11.25″W x 17.25″ tall. While unconventional, this target plate is designed to promote accuracy. Because the plate rests in the legs with no fastened connections, the acoustics are impressive. Even at distances over 300 yards the Raven can be clearly hear when struck. Because the legs are identical and the plate has no welded connections, you can flip the components to extend the life of the system.

The Raven also ships with clevis pins and clips. This means that it is extremely easy to carry a complete system clipped together in one hand. While you don’t have to carry it like this, it makes it possible to easily carry a Raven Target System in each hand while setting up the range. The Two legs weigh approximately 24 pounds and the target plate is approximately 24 pounds. Total system weight lands at approximately 48 pounds packed. We balanced weight and cost by making the legs out of 1/4″ AR500 steel. The legs are designed to handle occasional glancing impacts and will stand up indefinitely to fragmentation from bullets hitting the strike face of the target system.


If you are on the hunt for an ultra portable steel target system that is simple, the Raven may just be for you. You can learn more by checking out the Raven in our store under “Silhouette Target Systems.” By purchasing a Raven you are not only supporting our mission to equip citizens with the best targets on the market, you are supporting the Warrior Poet Society team and their mission to build communities of War Poets. Thank you for your continued support of what we do here at TA Targets!




Author: Jared Daub

VP of Design/Marketing