Armored Hooks For Conduit Kit


Gong Hooks For Conduit Kit

You are looking at a SET OF TWO hooks for our Conduit Gong Hanger System. Most of our gong targets will require TWO of these hooks to hang properly. SOME require only one. Purchase as many hooks as you need to add more gongs to your system. The Hooks are manufactured from AR500 steel, so users can expect a longer life vs the factory hooks that are supplied with each gong hanger system. If your current hooks are due for replacement, consider the Armored Option. Note: The ARMORED hooks have notches that look like a “clover leaf” to designate that they are indeed armored. The standard hooks do NOT have these markings. See Photos for reference.

You can purchase the FULL Conduit Gong Hanger System HERE.


Armored Hooks For Conduit Kit

The Armored Hooks For Conduit Kit is a SET OF TWO hooks meant to hang a gong target. This is a SET OF TWO hooks, so if you need more than TWO, add more to your cart. This is a very inexpensive way to add more gongs to your gong system. A bonus is the fact that they are extremely durable as this set is manufactured from hardened steel.

Manufactured in the US, because it matters!

Our company is committed to manufacturing our steel target systems, Like the Gong Hook For Conduit Kit, right here in Pennsylvania. You’ve seen the amazon gong targets and systems, most are made in China. If you don’t care about building up US manufacturing, just buy whatever is cheapest. But if you care about supporting US businesses employing US employees, audit who you spend money with! Our company has been manufacturing steel target systems in SE Pennsylvania since 2015.

Built to be portable and adjustable.

Adjust the length of the legs and the cross conduit to suit your needs. When you are finished shooting you can simply disassembly and throw the loose components into your vehicle. Always remember to disassemble with gloves to avoid lead exposure!

Safe, Strong, and capable.

This Conduit Gong Target Stand kit allows the hanging of a multitude of different gongs and it creates a safe shooting gallery of sorts. The hooks are designed to pivot so that the plate can swing freely when struck, which lessens wear and tear on the gongs. Users could also use chains or straps fastened to the cross conduit pipe if desired. One thing to note: Be VERY careful what steel targets you purchase! While you CAN use other brands of target plates on our gong hanger, it is your responsibility to make sure you are purchasing safe steel and using them in a safe manner. We cannot guarantee safety or performance/distance recommendations with ANY gongs or target plates but our own. That isn’t a sales pitch. We just know there is much snake oil in this market. Buy from us with confidence.

– PLEASE NOTE: Although these hooks are manufactured from AR500 steel, they should NOT be treated as a target. Intentionally or unintentionally shooting the hooks will result in damage and possible failure over time.

– NEVER intentionally shoot brackets or mounting posts. Always wear gloves when handling this product, ESPECIALLY after shooting to avoid sharp edges and lead exposure.

– If your current hooks/hangers are showing wear and tear, grab a replacement set here.