The TA Targets Story

The TA Targets Story

The TA Targets Story

The TA Targets story began on a range in West Virginia. Two of our founders had been spending time in West Virginia for a training course at Storm Mountain Training Center. At that course they experienced malfunctions and failures in some of the steel target systems that were being used.

The steel targets on the range severely lacked audible feedback when impacted.  Many of these targets showed fatal designs and concepts, which were a root cause for their premature failures. Cracked welds, broken brackets, unstable bases are a common flaw with many systems. You can find countless examples of targets like this across this market. Though the course went on despite many target failures, a seed was planted that would eventually become what you see today. Although we live and manufacture our targets in Pennsylvania: TA Targets was born out of necessity in West Virginia.

We are committed to creating a culture of protectors and defenders through innovative training targets and the content we create.
Our Mission

We were launched after seeing a serious need in the industry. While steel target manufacturers litter the landscape by the dozens, our founders realized that there was no other target manufacturer is truly interested in changing culture and creating a community of defenders. The name of the game for many of these companies is making novelty targets as cheap as possible, and the casualty of this mindset is quality and value for customers purchasing these products. When a company’s only interest is making a product as cheap as possible, rather than being a part of a customers journey, is it even possible to offer true Value to that customer? Value goes further than the price point, and it is important that your dollars are invested in a target that will be a part of your story for years to come.

  • We create a culture of protectors and defenders through innovative training targets and systems.
  • We develop and manufacture target systems that allow you to train with efficiency and purpose.
  • We stand by our products and are committed to assisting you in your journey to become a better protector.
From this humble beginning TA Targets evolved into The Exodus Companies. Our team is committed to a new cultural revival. Mind, Hope, Spirit, and Action.

Our team is comprised of loyalists. We stand by you and we know your purchase is not only an investment in yourself, it is an investment in our team. You’ve trusted us to take your money in exchange for a tool. Should you have issues with your purchase simply contact our team at info@tatargets.com. Send us an email and we will help get you back into action.

You are called to action. You are called to be the best you can be. Personal excellence and an unwavering commitment to liberty and freedom will correct our courses. Rather than outsourcing “solutions” to politicians and agencies, own your life. Chart your course.

Train with purpose, become the defender you are meant to be, join the steel culture.