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Box To Bullseye

PSA Dagger Full Size S (We Wanted to Hate It)

“BeTtEr ThAn A gLoCk?” | IWI Masada

IWI UZI Pro | 9mm Sub Gun

Colt 6450 9mm Sub Gun | Box To Bullseye

Gen II IWI Galil Ace 5.56 | Box To Bullseye

Sig Sauer P365XL/ZevTech Z365XL | Box To Bullseye

Zev Z320 X Compact | Box to Bullseye

Vortex SPARC Solar First Impression | Box to Bullseye

7.62×39 Galil Ace VS 5.45×39 Galil Ace | Box to Bullseye

IWI Galil Ace 5.45×39 | Box To Bullseye

Budgeting Ammo

You Have Too Much Ammo (Budgeting Ammo EP 6)

Tracking Your Training Growth (Budgeting ammo Ep. 5 with Black Iron Gunner)

Budgeting Ammo (Episode 3: Don’t Buy a Shotgun)

Budgeting Ammo (Episode 2: What Are You Training For?)

Budgeting Ammo (Episode 1: Don’t just hoard bulk ammo)


Urban Concealed Rifle Carry (Backpack guns)

Machine Guns for the Masses

Mid Range Rifles (And Why Americans Love Them)

The RPK We Have at Home

Spray Paint YOUR Rifle

WarPoet Pistol | Shadow Systems MR920

Streamlight TLR VIR ii | Solid budget IR laser/illuminator

Budget Night Vision Loadout

Changing your EDC for different Seasons | Jared’s Fall EDC Update

One Back Pack Gun to Rule Them All

How to Set up an AR15 in 10 Minutes

Make Your AR15 Foldable – LAW Tactical Folding Adapter

Two MK18 builds (If you are a true cloner you won’t like this)

Battle Belt | Jared’s Battle Belt Setup

AR-15 Vs. AK-47 | Five Reasons The AR-15 is Better than an AK-47

Community & Education

Urban Concealed Rifle Carry (Backpack guns)

Israel VS. Palestine: Own a Rifle

Machine Guns for the Masses

Mid Range Rifles (And Why Americans Love Them)

The RPK We Have at Home

Jared gets Combative with Facebook Comments

Ballistic Steel Armor Targets Test (Possibly our worst video ever)

Fathers & Raising Strong Young Men

We Love Glocks (Comment response & Award)

They Lied to us About Money

The ONE Pistol EVERYONE Needs

3 Things EVERY Rifle Needs

4 Guns you NEED to Own

Is Jared a Fed? | Responding to your Pistol Brace comments.

Just Put a Stock on It (ATF & Pistol Brace Ruling)

Drawing your Pistol

The BASICS of Shooting

You need a Thermal Hunting Rig

Excellence is Rebellion

WeApOnS oF wAr

When Faced with Adversity.

Six Books that Changed My Life

Why So Many People Hate Backpack Guns

Carry a Backpack Gun.

The State of the Culture | Deceit, Divisive Conversation & Distractions

Tactical Lever Gun vs. AR15

Trex Arms Standards – 50 Round Carbine Drill

Steel Targets on Lean (not the kind you’re thinking of)

Stop. Drop. Bang. (New Community Drill/Challenge thing)

It’s ok to SUCK (at first)

Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8 FFP VS Razor HD Gen III 1-10 FFP

Bridge your PVS-14’s – PanoBridge

Red Dot VS LPVO (Low Power Variable Optic)

Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8 FFP

Red Dots VS. Iron Sights

Spray Paint YOUR Rifle

iRay MH25 PVS-14 Eyepiece Install

Why We Love PVS-14’s

Single vs. Two Point Rifle Slings

Why We Love Handheld Thermal Optics

The Streamlight TLR VIR II

The State of the Culture | Convoys, Wars, and Rumors of Wars

BNVD (binocular night vision device)

iRay MH25 Thermal Monocular

Tips & Tricks for Cold Weather EDC

Iron sights: Front sight focus…or not?

Understanding Height Over Bore

Proper Pistol Stance

Bridge Thermal & PVS-14: Mod Armory Bridge

Drill Compilation Using PVS 14

Binocular Night Vision | Photonis PD Pro Binos

Why Citizens SHOULD own Night Vision

NeW yEaR nEw Me (is Bullsh**)

Full Power Lasers for Night Vision (not worth it)

Infrared Illuminator/Laser Comparison (Including KIJI & MAWL-DA)

Thermal VS Night Vision Comparison

One Bad Pistol Habit

Learning to Shoot with a Dot (Glock EDC Update)

How to Use a Shot Timer

TA Targets #PumpkinDrill Challenge

Are Steel Targets SAFE?

One Cell Phone Hack To Shoot Better

Weapon Mounted White Light Rundown

Thermal Imaging vs Night Vision

The Best Tubes for PVS 14’s | Photonis Echo White Phosphor

How to Avoid Being Shot by Police

So You Want To Build a MACHINE GUN…

Community Range Day With our Friends (RX Range Day)

10.5″ MK18 & 12.5″ Zion 15 (Select Fire VS Semi Auto)

Backpack Guns | You Need a Backpack Gun

TREX Arms Ready Rig

The Ammunition Crisis | What We Are Doing About It

Ohio Range Day

Texas Range Day VLOG

Culture Conversations

Israel VS. Palestine: Own a Rifle

Machine Guns for the Masses

The RPK We Have at Home

Intentional Rhythms (A Talk By The Creek)

How to shoot with your fingers cut off

5 Easy Ways to Become a Radical

biden made his plan clear.

Eli***** Dickens: Why we won’t say his name.

How To

A-DAP 2.0 Conversion Process | How To Convert A-DAP to 2.0 Spec

How To Assemble the Arachnid Armored Base


Israel VS. Palestine: Own a Rifle

Triarc Range Day B Roll Edit


Urban Concealed Rifle Carry (Backpack guns)

Automatic Popper Target

How to use our Gen 5 Top Brackets

We Made the Most Portable Steel Target Base (Breakdown Base)

How to Setup and Maintain your Breakdown Base

Automatic Resetting Popper [Reactive Steel Target System]

How to Install your Paper Holders

So you shot your Target Base…

why we never do sales.

The Next Generation of Bases | Gen 2 Round Base

stop shooting 2×4’s.

stop shooting steel.

Paper Targets SUCK

Steel Target ABUSE Test (Bear with us)

Steel Targets on Lean (not the kind you’re thinking of)

TA Targets Steel Body Armor

Dueling Tree (Rifle Rated)

Night Vision Helmet Mounts

The Ultimate Plate Rack Steel Target | Phoenix

Steel Targets | Modified A Zone A-DAP

TA Targets Hostage Target (For A-DAP Steel Targets)

Vital Zone Steel Target

THE Most Portable AR550 Steel Target (Mini Raven Target)

AR550 Mini A-DAP Steel Target (A-DAP Origins)

AR550 C Zone Steel Target (A-DAP System Origins)

Cook, Grill, Chill (TA Targets & Warrior Poet Society Fire Boxes)

Steel Target | Mini Vital Zone AR550 Target

Warrior Poet Society AR550 Raven Steel Target

We Paint our Targets

Falling Tree Target

A-DAP 2.0 | The Ultimate AR550 Steel Target System

The Arachnid Armored Base

Short Films & Movies

The Exodus

The Exodus | Trailer

TA Targets: The Mission (2021 year Recap)

Site B: Shadow Pursuit


Urban Concealed Rifle Carry (Backpack guns)

Pistol and Rifle Warmup Drills (with Weapon Snatcher)

Running with a Rifle

Indiana Slammer | August Drill Challenge

Trex Arms Standards – 50 Meter Carbine Marksmanship

Tactical Lever Gun vs. AR15

Trex Arms Standards – 50 Round Carbine Drill

Shooting Random things with Night Vision

Challenging Movement Drill on Plate Rack

Chest Rig VS. Belt Reloads

1R1 Reload Drills with AR15

AR15 Height over Bore | Properly compensating for Height over Bore

What I Bring to The Range

Machine Gun Transition Drill (Giggles)

Keep Shooting Simple | The Journey to Firearm Proficiency

Keeping Everyday Carry (EDC) Simple | Jared’s EDC Update

Shoot Your Pistol Better | 5 Drills for New Handgun Shooters

One Rifle Drill You Need to Be Doing

Range Day Fundamentals | Episode 1

Range Day Fundamentals | Episode 2

Range Day Fundamentals | Ep. 3


Triarc Range Day B Roll Edit

A-DAP 2.0 | The Ultimate AR550 Steel Target System


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