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Box To Bullseye

IWI UZI Pro | 9mm Sub Gun

Colt 6450 9mm Sub Gun | Box To Bullseye

Gen II IWI Galil Ace 5.56 | Box To Bullseye

Sig Sauer P365XL/ZevTech Z365XL | Box To Bullseye

Zev Z320 X Compact | Box to Bullseye

Vortex SPARC Solar First Impression | Box to Bullseye

7.62×39 Galil Ace VS 5.45×39 Galil Ace | Box to Bullseye

IWI Galil Ace 5.45×39 | Box To Bullseye

Budgeting Ammo

You Have Too Much Ammo (Budgeting Ammo EP 6)

Tracking Your Training Growth (Budgeting ammo Ep. 5 with Black Iron Gunner)

Budgeting Ammo (Episode 3: Don’t Buy a Shotgun)

Budgeting Ammo (Episode 2: What Are You Training For?)

Budgeting Ammo (Episode 1: Don’t just hoard bulk ammo)


Spray Paint YOUR Rifle

WarPoet Pistol | Shadow Systems MR920

Streamlight TLR VIR ii | Solid budget IR laser/illuminator

Budget Night Vision Loadout

Changing your EDC for different Seasons | Jared’s Fall EDC Update

One Back Pack Gun to Rule Them All

How to Set up an AR15 in 10 Minutes

Make Your AR15 Foldable – LAW Tactical Folding Adapter

Two MK18 builds (If you are a true cloner you won’t like this)

Battle Belt | Jared’s Battle Belt Setup

AR-15 Vs. AK-47 | Five Reasons The AR-15 is Better than an AK-47

Community & Education

Bridge your PVS-14’s – PanoBridge

Red Dot VS LPVO (Low Power Variable Optic)

Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8 FFP

Red Dots VS. Iron Sights

Spray Paint YOUR Rifle

iRay MH25 PVS-14 Eyepiece Install

Why We Love PVS-14’s

Single vs. Two Point Rifle Slings

The Streamlight TLR VIR II

Why We Love Handheld Thermal Optics

The State of the Culture | Convoys, Wars, and Rumors of Wars

BNVD (binocular night vision device)

Tips & Tricks for Cold Weather EDC

iRay MH25 Thermal Monocular

Iron sights: Front sight focus…or not?

Understanding Height Over Bore

Proper Pistol Stance

Bridge Thermal & PVS-14: Mod Armory Bridge

Drill Compilation Using PVS 14

Binocular Night Vision | Photonis PD Pro Binos

Why Citizens SHOULD own Night Vision

NeW yEaR nEw Me (is Bullsh**)

Full Power Lasers for Night Vision (not worth it)

Infrared Illuminator/Laser Comparison (Including KIJI & MAWL-DA)

Thermal VS Night Vision Comparison

One Bad Pistol Habit

Learning to Shoot with a Dot (Glock EDC Update)

How to Use a Shot Timer

TA Targets #PumpkinDrill Challenge

Are Steel Targets SAFE?

One Cell Phone Hack To Shoot Better

Weapon Mounted White Light Rundown

Thermal Imaging vs Night Vision

The Best Tubes for PVS 14’s | Photonis Echo White Phosphor

How to Avoid Being Shot by Police

So You Want To Build a MACHINE GUN…

Community Range Day With our Friends (RX Range Day)

10.5″ MK18 & 12.5″ Zion 15 (Select Fire VS Semi Auto)

Backpack Guns | You Need a Backpack Gun

TREX Arms Ready Rig

The Ammunition Crisis | What We Are Doing About It

Ohio Range Day

Texas Range Day VLOG

How To

A-DAP 2.0 Conversion Process | How To Convert A-DAP to 2.0 Spec

How To Assemble the Arachnid Armored Base


Triarc Range Day B Roll Edit


TA Targets Steel Body Armor

Dueling Tree (Rifle Rated)

Night Vision Helmet Mounts

The Ultimate Plate Rack Steel Target | Phoenix

Steel Targets | Modified A Zone A-DAP

TA Targets Hostage Target (For A-DAP Steel Targets)

Vital Zone Steel Target

THE Most Portable AR550 Steel Target (Mini Raven Target)

AR550 Mini A-DAP Steel Target (A-DAP Origins)

Cook, Grill, Chill (TA Targets & Warrior Poet Society Fire Boxes)

AR550 C Zone Steel Target (A-DAP System Origins)

Steel Target | Mini Vital Zone AR550 Target

Warrior Poet Society AR550 Raven Steel Target

We Paint our Targets

Falling Tree Target

A-DAP 2.0 | The Ultimate AR550 Steel Target System

The Arachnid Armored Base

Short Films & Movies

TA Targets: The Mission (2021 year Recap)

Site B: Shadow Pursuit


Challenging Movement Drill on Plate Rack

Chest Rig VS. Belt Reloads

1R1 Reload Drills with AR15

AR15 Height over Bore | Properly compensating for Height over Bore

What I Bring to The Range

Machine Gun Transition Drill (Giggles)

Keep Shooting Simple | The Journey to Firearm Proficiency

Keeping Everyday Carry (EDC) Simple | Jared’s EDC Update

Shoot Your Pistol Better | 5 Drills for New Handgun Shooters

One Rifle Drill You Need to Be Doing

Range Day Fundamentals | Episode 1

Range Day Fundamentals | Episode 2

Range Day Fundamentals | Ep. 3


Triarc Range Day B Roll Edit

A-DAP 2.0 | The Ultimate AR550 Steel Target System