Paper Targets


This target is designed to give any pistol shooter a road map to work on some basic drills. This drill can be done at any distance, but for new shooters we recommend 3-5 yards and add distance as skill increases. At the end of the drill, use the second black square to reinforce good trigger press and sight alignment.

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AR15 Height Over Bore Target

This target is to provide a visual representation of what happens with modern carbines and modern optics at closer distances. Aiming center of the circles will result in low misses at close distances. To land shots in the circles, the shooter must aim at the black square. This is simply a practice target used for understanding the basics of height over bore.

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Speed Control Drill

This drill is to practice speed control with various target sizes. This can be used with pistols or rifles. The small circle requires very precise, slow shots. The larger circles allow an increase in speed. Use this as a tool when practicing speed vs accuracy vs acceptable hits with different platforms. If using a carbine or pistol with a red dot, account for height over bore of optic by aiming above the circle.

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