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We just released several gong bundle deals that will get you shooting fast. They also make AMAZING gifts for your loved ones. Make sure you swing over and check out the bundles and get your orders in soon. Christmas is getting closer and closer.

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A cultural revival is underway. We believe that firearm rights are HUMAN rights. One that is to be protected against all enemies who attempt to take it.

Urban Concealed Rifle Carry
The Exodus Companies: A Revival of culture, a Renewal of Hope.

It all began as TA Targets and led us to The Exodus Companies. A collective of businesses destined to change our nation, our world, and our culture. A Revival of community, hope, and excellence. We are committed to building brands that offer real solutions to people pursuing personal excellence. TA Targets exists to equip citizens with tools for training with modern fighting weapons. Weapons of warcraft in the hands of good citizens who desire to protect life and liberty. This is a proliferation of modern target systems for modern training for the modern minuteman.

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During the months of November and December our companies experience a massive increase in volume. Due to this increase in orders, longer lead times should be expected. Please contact us at info@tatargets.com if you have questions about this prior to ordering.