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Mission focused, Mission prepared. Equipping defenders of life and liberty.
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TA Targets Builds up Defenders.

Got Caffeine?

We JUST launched our medium roast Guatemala bean. If you are a coffee connoisseur, you’re going to want to try our coffee. Buy 3 bags, get free shipping. 16 Ounces = more coffee, more value.

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Now available: Dry Fire Targets.

This economy is not a friend of those who want to train weekly. Good news: you can dry fire in the comfort of your home without ammo. Our Dry Fire Targets JUST launched. Grab some today.

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It Starts With YOU.

We believe that our nations culture is sick and slowly eroding. Most of us look around and feel a level of despair when we witness this occurring. We wonder “What can I do? How I can I fix this?” When you look at the issues at a macro level, they are overwhelming. When you break down what it takes to correct course, the answer is laughably simple: It begins with you. How you live your life, how you show up, and who you are all matters! It begins with a simple step of fixing YOUR life and becoming the example you wish to see in the world.

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