First Responder & Military Personnel

Military Personnel, Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders.

Our company recognizes that there are a large number of citizens who have stepped forward, taken an oath to uphold our constitution and defend our rights, and are willing to risk their lives in the pursuit of that. Honorable Law Enforcement, Military members (active or retired), and EMS service members can receive a discount on most of our products for their services to our nation. This discount code is applicable to individual members of the LE, Military, and EMS service.

To redeem your discount code as an officer/military personnel/EMT for personal range training:
Please email us proof of active or prior Military, Law Enforcement, or EMT services to info@tatargets.com and we will provide the discount code. This code may be entered at any time on our website and used to save some money off of our steel target systems. Please note: this code cannot be combined with other offers and products, like our optics and ammunition, are excluded from this discount.

Ethics, Values, and the Mission.

Our team is driven by our mission to expand our rights in this nation, and to secure the freedoms we are guaranteed under our constitution and the bill of rights. Law enforcement departments have a duty to uphold these rights and defend them against foreign and domestic threat. We have seen our rights under attack, especially in the last few years. For this reason, we audit the departments we do business with. Our circle is full of honorable men and women in Law Enforcement who deeply care about our communities and the people within them. We are happy to provide our products to these departments. There are hundreds of  honorable departments around this great nation training on our products. They believe in our nation, and they believe in training to higher standards.

For departments looking to order for department use, you may place your order off of our website OR contact us at Mil-leo@tatargets.com. We would be happy to provide you a quotation on our company letterhead.

Due to the evolving circumstances in our Republic at this time, under this administration, we will “No Quote” any RFQ’s received from the FBI and ATF and reserve the right to refuse services and products to any department for any reason at any time. Most departments are full of good people, good officers. We are happy to do business with these departments and support training good officers in our communities.