Ta Targets instruction manuals

TA Targets Instruction Manuals

TA Targets Instruction Manuals

TA Targets Instruction Manuals

Our TA Targets instruction manuals aren’t just to take up space. They are CRITICALLY important documents to make sure your system operates properly. We have compiled on this page all of our user manuals and other documents that we send along with each and every target we ship. In the past we would ship along paper copies with EACH order. To save paper and waste, we now send a QR code in EACH shipment to get to this page and we no longer send paper copies. Take a moment, find your required manual, and give it a read. We encourage you to print and download these to ensure that you utilize our different targets and systems properly, to ensure your safety and the longevity of your investment!

Manuals offer important rules, insight, and information.

Look, we’ve all ignored manuals in the past. But when it comes to shooting, bullets, and safe range practices, it isn’t worth the gamble. Take a minute to check out every manual that is applicable to the systems you have purchased. It is incredibly important that you understand safe use, proper calibers and ammo types, and proper distances for shooting. Using steel targets improperly can be extremely dangerous. Our objective is to see you training safely for a lifetime. Our systems are built to do just that, but they require you to do your part.

If you ever have questions, stop and email us.

If you ever feel like you don’t understand your AR550 system, take a minute to email us and hold off on shooting. We would rather see you pause versus do something improper with your system. While our systems are built to be simple and easy to understand, there are still important bits of information that you should understand.

Remember: owning firearms is your HUMAN right. But because we value life and our rights so highly, it is our RESPONSIBILITY to be well trained and capable AND SAFE with our firearms. Always treat this right with respect, and do your part to become extremely well-trained and capable.

Care & Safety Guides

We want to make sure you get the most out of your steel target system. It is important that you take time to read all of our safety guidelines. This ensures you have a safe shooting experience and get the longest life possible out of your investment. As always, if you have ANY questions at all please contact us BEFORE using your steel target system.