TA Targets Warranty

TA Targets has had a long-lasting tradition of creating top tier steel target systems and components that are designed for use by individuals engaging in high volume shooting. Since the beginning of our company we have built our name on the reputation of not only putting out the highest quality components and target systems, but by standing by our customers and the products that we manufacture and sell. For this reason, we are proud to introduce you to our Limited Lifetime Warranty. Please read below for details on our warranty, what is covered, and how to file a claim.

Warranties offered:

  • 3/8″ Mini A-DAP (reduced C Zone) and C Zone A-DAP target systems: 3 year warranty. This term is ONLY available for the 3/8″ C Zone and Mini A-DAP Systems.
  • All other 3/8” AR550 target systems, components, paddles, shields and any other system or component made from 3/8” AR550 steel that is designed to be a STRIKE PLATE: 1 Year Limited Warranty from date of purchase, one replacement covered under warranty.This includes our Vital Zone, Mini Vital Zone, and paddles.
  • ½” AR550 target systems and paddles that are designed to be STRIKE PLATES: Limited Lifetime Warranty, one replacement covered under warranty.
  • Welded components: 1 Year limited Warranty from date of purchase, one replacement covered under warranty (Excludes Gong Target Plates).
  • Gong Targets and Gong Target Stands: Gong targets and target stands are excluded from the 1 year, 3 year and lifetime warranties. This is simply due to the fact that we cannot control how our customers will mount or use the gong target plates. We guarantee that the systems will arrive to our customers in new, functioning order. No other warranties are expressed or implied for gong targets or gong hangers. When following our distance ratings with gong targets users can expect many years of use. If a failure is seen, the good news is we keep the gongs inexpensive and readily available. Simply replace the gongs and gong stand components if you see the lifespan of them.

What is Not Covered under warranty:

  • Use of improper ammunition
  • Shooting at improper distances
  • Hardware and replacement components
  • Wood posts or boards
  • Damage to target system that is clearly caused by misuse, neglect, or a result of not following our guidelines
  • Normal wear and tear of the target system
  • Edge chips
  • Curving of the plate
  • Dimpling of the plate
  • Theft, Loss, deliberate or cosmetic damage that does not affect the function of the target systems
  • Chipped paint


  •  Proper Ammunition: Targets are designed to be used ONLY with proper ammunition. Ammunition traveling 1500 FPS or slower is considered PISTOL ammunition and can adhere to our PISTOL distances (10 yards minimum). Proper PISTOL ammunition shall be constructed of either all lead or copper jacketed/lead core bullet construction. Ammunition traveling OVER 1500 FPS is considered RIFLE ammunition. Users of ammunition OVER 1500 FPS MUST adhere to RIFLE distance ratings (3/8” AR550: 50 yards with calibers from .223/5.56 NATO up to 7.62×39, 308 Winchester and similar. ½” AR550 targets: 30 yards with calibers from .223/5.56 NATO up to 7.62×39. 308 at 50 yards. Larger than 308, 100 yards). MAGNUM RIFLE ammunition is any ammunition/calibers larger than 308. MINIMUM distances on ANY of our steel targets is 100 yards for up to 50BMG on approved targets. Customers using wildcat cartridges (cartridges not readily available, found, or used) are REQUIRED to contact us prior to use for written approval and distance recommendations or the warranty will be VOIDED.
  • Proper Distance & Velocity: Distance recommendations are determined by velocity as well as caliber. Rifle distances are determined using ammunition that is 3,000 FPS or less at the muzzle. For end users utilizing ammunition faster than 3,000 FPS, further distances MUST be utilized over our advertised distances. Under no circumstances should customers be engaging in shooting at closer distances than recommended, or at advertised distances if ammunition does NOT meet requirements. Example: XM193 and other 5.56 NATO rounds MAY require further distance than advertised due to the fact that the ammunition muzzle velocity WILL be higher than 3,000 FPS. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD AMMUNITION FASTER THAN 4,000 FPS MUZZLE VELOCITY BE USED. ARMOR PIERCING OR STEEL CORE AMMUNITION SHOULD NEVER BE USED ON OUR STEEL TARGET SYSTEMS OR COMPONENTS. Bi-Metal Jacket ammunition is acceptable as long as distance ratings and velocity ratings are adhered to.
  • Strike Plate: The strike plate is the area of the target system that is designed and intended to be intentionally shot repeatedly. Target plates and paddles are strike plates. Armored shields, bases and other components are not.
  • Hardware: the term hardware consists of any bolt, nut, washer, spacer, pin, clip or other device designed to fasten the target plate, system, or components to create the structure and system.
  • Post: The post is the part of the system that holds the target in the upright position
  • Failure of target or strike plate: A Failure shall be known as a crack in the target plate or a complete pass through of a bullet through the target plate, strike plate, or paddle. Pitting, edge chipping, bending of target plate, curving of target plate or other deformation of target plate is considered normal wear and tear and can be minimized by using proper ammunition, distances, and preventative maintenance of the target system
  • Failure of a weld: A failure of a weld that would fall under the limited one year warranty would be a weld that has cracked RESULTING in the malfunction of a target system or component. If a weld cracks but the function of the target system is not affected, we do not consider this a failure.
  • Preventative maintenance: Preventative maintenance is maintenance that should be performed throughout the lifespan of the target system. It is defined in depth below.
  • Normal wear and tear: Damage and wear that should be expected from proper use of our target systems over time.

Limited One Year Warranty: TA Targets offers a 1 Year limited Warranty that covers target plates and welds. This warranty starts from the DATE OF PURCHASE. This limited one-year warranty shall be known to cover failures of target plates or welded components. A “Failure” shall be known as a crack or complete pass through of a bullet through a plate. If the end user (purchaser, customer) has properly used the target system, used proper ammunition, and adhered to all minimum distance requirements based upon their caliber used and bullet construction, and the target plate exhibits a crack or complete pass through of a bullet through the steel, it may be subject to a free replacement under our Limited One Year Warranty. Please follow instructions below to file a warranty claim.

Limited Lifetime Warranty: TA Targets offers a limited lifetime warranty on strike plates, target plates and paddles made from our 1/2” AR550 steel. This warranty shall be known to cover failures of target plates and strike plates. A “failure” shall be known as a crack or complete pass through of a bullet through a plate. If the end user (purchaser, customer) has properly used the target system, used proper ammunition, and adhered to all minimum distance requirements based upon their caliber used and bullet construction, and the target plate exhibits a crack or complete pass through of a bullet through the steel, it may be subject to a free replacement under our Limited Lifetime Warranty. Please follow instructions below to file a warranty claim.

Instructions to file a claim: Upon placement of a customer’s order, the end user/customer must catalog and file the identifying number of their order. Keep this for future reference. Claims MUST be filed by original purchaser. Customers who purchased our products second hand would not be eligible for warranty. For one year warranty claims, the customer MUST file the warranty claim within 365 days from date of PURCHASE.

Filing a warranty claim: To file a warranty claim, customers should take several high- quality photos of the area of failure. Customers should also take photos of the ammunition that was used and the weapon from which the ammunition was fired. Customers should then send the photos with a description of the possible damage/failure to info@tatargets.com. Please title the subject “Warranty claim”. Our team will then respond within 7 business days to the initial correspondence. We will notify the customer if we feel that the item is not covered under warranty, or we will notify the customer that there may be damage or failure covered under the scope of our warranty. If we deem that there may be damage or a failure that falls under the scope of our warranty, we will require the end user to package and ship the damaged component to our location (183 South Market Street Ephrata PA 17522) for physical inspection. Within 7 days we will physically inspect the damaged product and determine if the product is eligible for warranty. If we deem the product to be eligible for either our one-year warranty or lifetime warranty, we will issue a replacement product and notify the customer of the replacement product being issued. Please note this MAY take up to 14 days to process and ship a new replacement item for accepted warranty claims.

TA Targets reserves the right to make all final determinations for all warranty claims. If a claim has been determined to fall under our warranty, our customer will be entitled to ONE replacement of the exact same SKU. If a SKU is discontinued, TA Targets may offer a comparable SKU/product at our discretion of equal or lesser value. There will NEVER be a cash return for warrantied products. Warranty coverage offers one replacement per order/product over the life of the warranty for covered/approved claims.

On our A-DAP systems and VTAR poppers we place stickers under the angles that tell the end user which heat and lot number their plate is. We HIGHLY recommend taking note of these numbers before shooting the target system. You can find these numbers under the angles on the back of the target plate. Simply loosen the angles and rotate out of the way. Take a photo or write down the heat and lot #. We greatly appreciate ALL customers doing this for our tracking purposes during warranty claims.

Normal wear and tear and tips on how to lengthen the lifespan of all target systems:

Even under proper use steel target systems have a lifespan. The more a target system is shot at, the higher chance for wear and tear. For these reasons we recommend utilizing preventative maintenance of each and every target system. Visual inspection of each target component must be done each range session, damaged or unsafe targets should be replaced and taken out of use immediately.

  • Rotating target plates: For A-DAP systems and VTAR poppers we recommend rotating the target plates every 3,000 rounds or 6 months, whichever comes first. This prevents curving of the plate. A plate that is curved less than 1/8” across the entire face of the target plate is acceptable to shoot. We recommend rotating the plate BEFORE the target plate curves to 1/8”. To measure this, take a straight edge and lay it across the target plate. If the target plate measures less than 1/8” gap at the center, and it has less than 3,000 rounds or 6 months of use on that side, continue shooting. If it has more than 1/8” of curve across the plate, has been shot at more than 3,000 rounds or has been used on the range for 6 months or more, it is time to rotate or flip the plate to the other side. To do this, unbolt the angles and bolt them to the opposite side they currently are one.
  • Dimples: Some dimples (sometimes known as pock marks, craters, pits) will occur from normal use of the target plate. Utilizing proper ammunition and distances and preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid dimples. Dimples that are less than 3/16” diameter and less than 1/16” depth are considered normal wear and tear. If the dimple is larger than these dimensions and depth, we recommend shooting the other side of the plate or using the plate only for rifles at further distances. Using a dimpled plate close with handguns may create a safety hazard. Small impressions on the surface of the plate (about 1/16” diameter +/-) are also normal especially when shooting close distances with approved carbine calibers.
  • Edge chips: Edge chips are unavoidable. When a round impacts the edge of a target plate the focused energy typically can result in a chip. This is especially true with faster calibers like 5.56 NATO. Edge chips normally will not occur from handgun use. Edge chips typically are 3/16” or less in distance across the chip, and usually are less than 3/16” from the edge. If the chips are this size or smaller, they will not affect function or safety of the target system. If many chips are present or they are larger than previously mentioned, it is time to shoot the opposite side of the plate or replace the plate entirely.
  • Hardware: Hardware should periodically be replaced. If damage exists, immediately replace bolts and nuts, pins or connectors. Replacement hardware is not covered under warranty. Replacement hardware can be found on our website under replacement parts/components.
  • Bases are NOT intended to be targets. Damage will occur from the intentional shooting or accidental shooting of target bases.
  • Posts are NOT intended to be targets. Do not intentionally shoot posts or brackets. Damage WILL occur.

Final Authority:

TA Targets retains final authority to accept or deny any warranty claims. TA Target reserves the right to update or alter this policy without notice. Customers should periodically contact TA Targets and request updated warranty information if desired.