Are Your Steel Targets Safe?

Are Your Steel Targets Safe?

Are your steel targets safe? 

Many people shoot on public ranges and often these ranges are littered with unsafe steel targets. Most people are not steel targets experts, so it can be hard to determine if the steel targets they are shooting are safe, or potentially dangerous. Using improper steel targets IS very dangerous. It is vitally important that shooters audit the steel targets they are using before shooting. If you are unsure of whether or not the targets downrange are quality or dangerous, simply don’t shoot them. Your life and safety are not worth risking by shooting poorly designed, unsafe steel targets. Use the pdf below (FREE) to help answer the question: “Is the steel I am about to shoot actually safe?”

Targets are NOT created equally.

While it is easy to fall into a category of people who think “it’s JUST steel targets”, we can assure you that not all are created equal. Most steel target systems are not designed properly and will not stand against heavy use. Further, questionable materials and manufacturing methods litter the landscape. You MUST be critical about any targets you plan to shoot. Use our pamphlet below to audit the systems you are about to train on. Your eyes, organs and life may just depend on it!

Audit Your Steel Targets

Download this bulletin and leave it at your local club to discuss. Use it to make sure you are shooting safe steel. Your safety depends on it! Take this seriously!

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