TA Circle Patch Cap

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The TA Circle Patch Cap

Whether you are looking for something to shield your face from the obtrusive summer sun, or you are concerned with being shown up by a Mini Adap. This hat is the one you have been seeking. It’s bill has been strategically designed to block light particles helping you to see down range through the sights of whatever gun you are using (and you should be using one) with no obstruction whatsoever. With our proprietary one-size-fits-all formula, you can now look as good as our targets, and display your favorite company at the same time. The planets are aligned for you. The TA Circle Patch Cap is ringing out.

It’s time for you to answer the CALL.

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The TA Circle Patch Cap is meant to cover your dome in style.

Our followers have long asked for a hat that features our branding, the TA Circle Patch Cap delivers on that promise. This hat is discreet, but stands for a company that believes in freedom and liberty and will fight to defend it.

What can you expect from your new hat?

While we cannot promise you a new hot date, or compliments in public, this hat will cover your dome in style. We designed the hat to blend in, yet stand out. The colors are chosen to fit most outfits and styles. If you like wearing hats, you’ll like wearing our hat.

Instagram likes are life. Not.

The TA Circle Patch Cap is scientifically proven to reduce chromatic aberrations during your photo shoots, making you more pleasant on your IG feed. Just kidding. Get outside and do something productive. Like train with your guns.

Shipping Note: Hats ship for $15 flat if ordered separately. Want to save some money? Add 3 or more hats to your cart to split with your buddies, get free shipping. OR add a hat to your target system in your cart and get free shipping.
Cap Type Snap Back
Button Top? Yes.
Size One size will fit most people
Colors Light Grey / Black
Patch Type Faux Leather Circle Monogram
Country Of Origin Made in Vietnam, Printed in US
Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Where are the hats manufactured? Answer: these hats are printed in US, manufactured in Vietnam. We hope to eventually source ALL apparel directly through the states. A revolution is happening stateside with sewn products, we plan to be a part of that in the near future.

2.) What sizes are offered? Answer: This hat is one size fits most.