Flagged | The Threat of Red Flag Laws

  • December 30, 2019
  • By tatargets

History repeats and when she does, it is with a force that is impossible to contain. We are watching the rebel heart of America wake up again in the midst of sweeping proposed gun control regulations from all sides. Will we save the Republic? Will we go back to sleep? Let’s talk about it.

TA Targets has long held the belief among our team that we have a duty to speak truth to matters affecting our rights, especially with regards to the right of HUMANS to keep and bear arms. The only true safeguard to freedom is the ability to fight for it and to force tyrants to submit. Without this right our Republic would fast fade and our freedoms and opportunities would die along with it.

One thing we want to make clear: This is not a Democrat VS Republican fight. Let’s be honest: Neither “party” truly cares about our liberties, much less our ability to force them to submit to US, the people. This is the people vs the state. Freedom vs tyrants. Liberty vs slavery. Make no mistake, this is history repeating and we believe this is inevitable.

With that being said, hope is not lost. We are not here to simply bring everyone down, rather, we want to build communities of people willing to articulate the truth behind liberty in a way that has never been done in the firearms industry before. There is hope in the Republic when the people stand up and hold accountable the politicians breaking the system. It requires us to speak clearly and with force. It requires us to be willing to sacrifice.

Watching the democratic debates has been disheartening, although not surprising. What is equally terrifying is the Republicans willing to join hands with socialists who wish our Republic to be non-existent. These people are completely in opposition to your freedom and we MUST understand what is at stake.

Currently Virginia is melting down at the state level. Tensions are rising and people are now having to decide where they stand. The governor is proposing sweeping gun regulations that would cripple the people’s abilities to protect themselves and their families. All of this hidden under the guise of “public safety”, which is a hoax. Further, at least one representative has called for the National Guard to be called in for the 90+ counties who have taken the oath to become 2nd amendment sanctuaries. It seems they further reinforce their stance everyday as they continue to claim that the second amendment sanctuaries hold no weight of law and that the “law” will be enforced.

Think about what he is saying here: He is quite literally saying he would be willing to use FORCE, whether by police or national guard, to remove firearms from otherwise peaceful humans simply because their firearms fall into some arbitrary category that they have determined to be “more dangerous”. I honestly don’t even know how to describe a man willing to quite literally imprison or kill his constituents over the weapons they own.

The days of being called a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist are long over. They want your guns…NOW. Just this week we have seen further infringements in our home state of Pennsylvania. Our Attorney General has decided on a whim (after receiving bloomberg money) that 80% receivers are to be classified as firearms. He urged the PA state police to adopt his same position. This would effectively outlaw 80% receivers in our state simply because a tyrant has deemed them “unsafe”. We are just scratching the surface here.

They present their case for the cause of public safety but we beg this question: even if only 10% of people stand up and ignite the next civil war, how safe does that really make us?! Think about it: Firearms that were in the hands of peaceful humans just trying to pursue their lives, now turned on the tyrants wishing to steal them. Who gets caught in the crossfire? We ALL do. That is not what I would call safe for anyone.

In the governors “defense”, I personally believe he thinks that the people will cave before a civil war would break out. Would they? I guess that is up to the Virginians to decide. Hopefully the governor heeds the warning and backs down along with his fellow tyrants.

So what do we do about it? Well, we have long been losing the battle of firearms rights on multiple fronts. Progressives are simply more organized, evoke more emotion, are better at planning, and, honestly, don’t have as much in-fighting as the gun community. For generations we have dumbed down the second amendment and created citizens who believe that it is a right that is based on hunting and home defense. BOTH of those things are great! But they are not what the human right to own arms is all about. This is about the ability to literally stand toe to toe with tyrants and be able to remove them when they oppress the people. This is precisely why the populace is supposed to own military arms and munitions so they can effectively protect the constitution and our great nation.

We need to start owning this and grabbing the bull by the horns. We screwed up. We allowed fudds to create the dialogue of our community and we now have a multi-generational battle that we need to gear up for.

For one: We need to quit the BS politically correct talk around the second amendment. It’s about military weapons, suppressors, night vision, armor: The tools needed to be able to defend the constitution from attacks. This is a human right that is not dependent on a piece of paper, regardless of how powerful the piece of paper is. The right to defend ones life is irrevocable. Start standing firm and influencing. Grow your circle, speak truth.

Our shirts are one way we are going to begin taking back the narrative. More and more young companies like ours are going to take the reigns because the companies and organizations that came before have failed us. We have failed ourselves. We have failed our nation.

How committed to being free are you?

We released these shirts to make a bold statement. TA Targets is committed to holding politicians accountable. We will use our resources and influence to effect change in the nation. Even if it is a small impact, we will continue to make a difference. Wear these shirts with pride. Use them to spark conversation. Show people that the way of freedom is superior to ANY other existence. Teach them how history shows repetitive abuses by governments of all kinds.

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History repeats and when she does, it is with a force that is impossible to contain. We are watching the rebel heart of America wake up again in the midst of sweeping proposed gun control regulations from all sides. Will we save the Republic? Will we go back to sleep? Let’s talk about it.

Grab some shirts, use them to spark a flame. At the same time know that from each shirt we are donating $2.50 to Firearms Policy Coalition to help fight these tyrants from all sides. We are with you and we are honored that you are with us.

In the good fight for liberty,

The TA Targets Team.