Double Breakdown Base Adapter



Breakdown Base Center Leg

The Breakdown Base Center Leg is sold here as an optional accessory that can be purchased separately from our Breakdown Base. This component is specifically designed to fit BETWEEN the two legs of the single breakdown base to create a double base. This is typically used for our MOD 1 traps and our Double Falling Tree. However, users can get very creative with this double assembly on the range. Think: Multiple layers of USPSA targets, multiple steel targets, etc.

Please note: For this to work properly on your single Breakdown base, you will need to purchase THREE additional 2X4 tubes HERE


Double Breakdown Base Adapter

The Double Breakdown Base Adapter turns any single breakdown base into a double base. This can be creatively used on the range for multiple layers of cardboard targets. OR users can purchase our falling tree uprights and paddles and run double falling trees. Further, users can get creative mixing steel and cardboard together. This Double Adapter is typically found in our double falling tree and MOD 1 Bullet Traps, but you can use it many ways for your training.

Laser Cut, CNC formed, powder coated

As with all our products: customers can expect an extremely high quality American Manufactured product. We build our products to exacting standards and our commitment is the highest quality. Your training is an investment. ONLY invest in the best products to experience a safe and effective range time.

Designed to be bolted between the two legs of the single Breakdown Base

Along with this center section, you will need to purchase THREE of our 2X4 Tubes for our Breakdown Bases. These three tubes will include the rest of the hardware needed to turn your single base into a double base assembly. The center leg adapter is bolted into place with carriage bolts. Please note: This center section does NOT include any other components. Customers who do NOT already own a single Breakdown Base but want a double should purchase our Double Breakdown Base HERE.