Rifle DT Paddle- Pistol & 556 Paddles (6 Paddles, White) - TA Targets

Rifle DT Paddle- Pistol & 556 Paddles (6 Paddles, White)



Our Rifle Dueling Tree has become the standard for carbine rated Dueling Trees in this market. It is the only one that is fully armored with AR500 steel to ensure that high velocity impacts on the upright are simply deflected and do not damage the backbone of the system. Our Rifle Rated Dueling Tree was originally designed for carbines, but quickly we determined that we should offer a dedicated pistol paddle for the Rifle Dueling Tree system.


What you are looking at is a reduced paddle that is designed to flip consistently with 115 grain 9mm ammunition. It is a 5″x5″ target area and the paddle is made from 3/8″ AR550 steel. This paddle may also be used with .223/5.56 and 300 blackout at 50 yards and further. Please note that these paddles are NOT designed for calibers like 308 winchester. Please purchase our 308 paddles if you are shooting calibers larger than .300 blackout or 7.62×39.

You are purchasing a set of SIX paddles, which is enough for ONE complete Dueling Tree System. This does NOT include the base or upright support for the system or any hardware. FREE SHIPPING.

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