Concealed Carry Rifle Backpacks

  • November 22, 2023
  • By Jared Daub

Concealed Carry Rifle Backpacks

Concealed Carry Rifle Backpacks

Concealed Carry Rifle Backpacks are not new. Further, the idea of keeping a rifle close by is gaining traction year after year.

The Culture of Carry.

In the public eye concealed rifle carry can be a bit taboo. MOST people would ridicule the idea. I started posting about bag guns back in 2017 and 2018, and the comment sections were littered with folks saying I was crazy. Here are some examples:

  • “Nobody needs to carry a rifle!”
  • “Carrying a rifle is overkill!”
  • “Police will mistake a rifle carrier as the bad guy!”
  • “A Rifle Carrier is scared of life!”

Dozens upon dozens of examples just like this. You might have even fell into the category of nay sayer. Where are you finding yourself today?

2020: The year that changed EVERYTHING.

2020 was the wake up call most of us needed. Folks around the country began to understand a simple fact: Nobody was coming to save them. While they watched their cities burn, they couldn’t help but feel helpless. And they were. For far too long we lived far too comfortably. The riots, lockdowns, tyranny, and societal collapse was the trigger point for many of you. Many of you have either integrated a portable rifle into your life, or you are considering doing so at this point.

Why concealed rifle carry is important.

The ability to carry arms and equipment is your human right. You possess this innate right that predates our structure of government and policies. When you don’t exercise your rights, they eventually get revoked. That is simple history. At some point these rights, unfortunately, get eroded by politicians, elitists, and tyrants alike. Consequently, the first important point to consider is carrying rifles is exercising your rights. Additionally, often the most violent mass shootings involve an attacker with a rifle, body armor, and a large amount of ammunition. Police will be responding with rifles on deck. I plan to always be prepared to do the same.

Nobody is coming to save you.

You need to take a moment to realize this: Waiting and outsourcing a response to other people is reckless. Your family deserves more, and you are capable of far more. When society erupts, our people find themselves on their own. The good news is you can do something about it. You can CHOOSE to incorporate tools and equipment into your daily experience to give yourself a fighting chance.

What are backpack guns?

Backpack guns usually feature the following traits:

  • Short Barrels that are often less than 11.5″.
  • Intermediate or Pistol Calibers.
  • Folding stocks or braces.
  • Short overall length.
  • Design centered around close range distance engagements.

The design features are centered around being the smallest form factor possible. Components, like folding adapters, allow rifles to be collapsed into a much smaller footprint. Small is good. Tiny is good. Discreet is the objective. Intermediate calibers allow maximum ammunition capacity, and minimizes impact on daily needs. Most backpack guns are chambered in 300 blackout or .223/5.56 NATO. Most barrel lengths will land at between 5″ and 8″.

The Formula for a successful rifle integration.

I break this topic into a few aspects to really hammer the objective home.

1.) The Bag itself. Choosing the right bag is critical.

2.) The internal storage components and accessories.

3.) The Rifle/Pistol platform and features.

Deciding on your rifle/pistol and bag first is critical. I’d suggest FIRST analyzing what styles of bags are normal in your regular areas. It’s important to carry a backpack that fits the environment. A Large bag in a church will stand out. A small bag that looks more like a diaper bag, especially if you are a parent, garners ZERO attention. Ask me how I know.

Define your needs.

If you are like me, you want something ultra compact that is still capable. You’re looking for something small that is more potent than a typical handgun. For me, a 5″-7.5″ 300 BLK is perfect. A short rifle can be fit into a tiny bag such as the Vertx Transit Sling. As a result, is my preferred carry bag for my micro rifles/pistols. Additionally, consider adding medical gear to the equation. Determine what is most important. Find a bag that fits those needs and checks all the boxes necessary.

Storage, layout, and organization.

Bag layout is as important as the bag itself. A Quality EDC rifle bag will have a compartment that is purpose built to handle a short rifle. Keep random gear OUT of this location. Never store loose items that could get around the rifle or pistol. This is why it is generally recommended that rifles are stored empty chamber. You could envelop yourself in a lengthy debate about this. Generally speaking, AR15 variants are completely safe with rounds chambered. The reason I feel empty chamber wins: A bag does NOT completely protect the trigger/safety on a rifle. There is no way to COMPLETELY eliminate the chance of a trigger activation while carrying. Is it likely? Absolutely not. But for me: I want my rifles in a safe condition. I want complete control over them.

Internal accessories:

Carrying magazines in a consistent manner is critical. Arkayne Co has a few different flavors of accessories to fit the bill. A quality bag enables the user to carry a large amount of medical equipment discreetly and safely. Carry in an organized manner.

Drawing, Firing, and training.

Your Rifle stored muzzle down will deploy the fastest. Positioning will vary bag to bag depending on the bag style. The biggest thing to remember: Put time in practicing dry firing your rifle. The drawing of the rifle will be the most complicated aspect. This is where zipper positioning, rifle positioning, and magazine positioning is CRITICAl. Range Practice overcomes these hurdles. A quality bag will enable the carrier to store, transport, and deploy a rifle consistently and safely.

Concealed Rifles are Critical.

Is this an obsession? Possibly. We just deeply care about innocent life, and we desire to see our communities equipping themselves for success. Rifles are Americas fighting tool. They have been used to expand west, fight for freedom, defend homesteads and families, and provide for families. Embracing the normalization of military fighting gear is furthering our rights as humans.