Conduit Gong Target Hanger

  • November 22, 2023
  • By Jared Daub
Conduit Gong Target Hanger

The market needed a steel target system that offered our quality at a reasonable price. The Conduit Gong Target hanger was our response. And it delivers. Let’s talk about this system.


Portable and Capable System.

While some may think a conduit system is a low quality option, this is untrue. The conduit system marries portability with capability into a very light system. If you travel back and forth to your range, the conduit system is a great option. The Steel Conduit Pipes create the “A” frame and cross bar. The Conduit Gong Target Hanger requires no tools or hardware to assemble. Assembly time is around 30-60 seconds. Pretty cool, right?

How does the system work?

The Conduit Gong Hanger can be purchased as a complete unit which INCLUDES the conduit! The conduit in this kit is PRE-CUT to length. All you need to do is decide which gongs you want to purchase. The kit includes TWO A Frame Brackets and TWO standard mild steel hooks. It should be noted that Armored hooks can be purchased separately. (The Armored hooks have notches to tell the difference. See the photo below.) Will you need the armored hooks? Not necessarily, but they are a nice addition to the system if you are a higher volume shooter. They will resist bending and fragmentation for a longer period of time than the standard hooks that come with the complete system. Additionally, if you would prefer, purchasing the separate components is possible. The Gong Hooks simply slide over the 3/4″ EMT conduit. The hook design allows movement of the gong when struck, sending fragmentation to the ground. Additionally, our use of the absolute highest quality 3/8″ AR550 and 1/2″ AR550 for our gongs further increases the longevity and safety.


Multiple Uses, Versatile and capable.

Gong systems have a special place in our heart, especially when used at distances. There is just something amazing about integrating a quality gong hanger into your distance training. The use of this system allows you to fine tune different gong sizes for your desired training. Folks that only have 100-200 yards for rifle training will find use from our 4″ Gongs and 3X6 postcard Gongs. Smaller gong targets present more of a challenge than traditional steel target plates and sizes. Additionally, you will find immense value from the expandability of this system.

Who is this system perfect for?

Anyone who wants to get into steel without spending a ton should consider this as a first target. Even if you are an old pro and already own targets, this system can find a home on your range. Distance shooters will also find immense value from this system. Build your own “know your limits rack”, or place a single larger gong downrange for distance training. Want a more traditional target shape and size? Consider our Reduced C Zone and C Zone plates.

Who should consider something different?

If you are looking to hang a TON of targets or super heavy plates, this won’t be the system for you. This system is really only rated for 1-2 medium sized gongs (6-8″ diameter) or a single 12″ or 14″ gong. So if you are looking to hang up 8 targets, you will probably find that the conduit and brackets will bend. This is purpose built to be as inexpensive as possible while offering maximum versatility. If you are leaning towards needing more capacity, consider our Deluxe Gong Hanger System. Please also note: We did not design the conduit gong hanger to hold the C Zone target plate. Doing so MAY bend the cross bar.

Shop our Conduit Gong System:

1.) Complete Conduit Gong System

2.) Armored Hooks (Spares)

3.) Spare A Frame Brackets

4.) Replacement pack of conduit

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